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Reve De Miel – Nyxe review – Giveaway !

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MUA Pallette – Pretty Pastels Swatches

Hello Princesses all around the World.!!!
Here comes a post with swatchs from Mua’s Pallete, Pretty Pastels.
Mua pretty pastels pallete
I tried to do the best swatchs ever but it was hard. The colors are too light.
Although the pallete is called Pretty pastels, and would supossed to be matt (I thought) they are shimmery
Top line  (in daylight and indoors):

Bottom line:
To be honest, its not my favorite pallete. The ”shimmer” fact kind ruined my excitment. In the more darker colors, doesn’t seem so much, but it does in the lights.
Its a very spring/summer pallete and the quality is good, like all MUA palletes.

New Year’s beauty resolutions!

Ιts almost 2013, and if the end doesn’t come in 4 days (lol) I have to put some goals for the new Year. Some resolutions!

I am a beauty blogger, so I ll share with you some beauty resolutions, then!

-No more shampoos/conditioners/masks/bubble baths/body lotions and hair sprays!

I have to empty the 5 shampoos,3 conditioners, 3 masks,6 bubble baths, 5 hair sprays and over 10 body lotions I own, before buying a new one!

-No more nail polish! I threw around 30 two days ago, because I had to. Some of them were dry, and the rest had ”oil” in it, which means bacteria alert!I

have still around 50, so I must use them, or combine them instead of getting another one!

– Beauty routine! Do not forget to make a face mask twice per week, and to always use a moistorizing cream. And scrubbing!

– Water! Drink water! I rarely drink, cause I already hydrate myself with coffee, tea, etc. But I have to drink water!

-Never ever sleep with my make up on. I rarely do it nowdays, but I should never do it again!

-Do NOT buy useless stuff. Why to buy another black pencil when I have already 10, and they are good ones?

-Give/throw what I don’t use. Maybe a lipstick that its too bright for me, would be perfect for a friend!

-Last, to never buy another lipbalm just because it tastes wonderful! My lips are still chapped because of that!

Well, that’s my new Year’s resolutions!

What about yours? Beauty or not!



December Haul!

Hello beauties!
Here I am again, with a haul post, or better, a collective-haul post.
I got some thingies from Hondos Center (its the Greek version of Sephora, or CVS, or multi-brand store with make up and stuff), a 1euro dollar shop, and from beautyjoint (black friday)
From beautyjoint I got 4 out of 5 of top-left (except the essence eyeshadow), and Nyx’s lipstick.
More specifically Jordana blush – coral sandy beach, Jordana brow shadow – brunnete, Wet n Wild – Brule , Jordana eyeshadow over the taupe and Nyx – Black cherry!
From Hondos I got Bioten’s hand Cream (Greek brand)  essense nail polish (out of the forest),  essence cream eyeshadow- for fairies, eyeliner from essence 100% splash proofand the erre due lasting contour eye #2 pencil (greek brand -> AMAZING pencils).
From 1euro shop/lovie I got the long-tubed lipstick  #21, the short one #20, and 2 pencils of brand glamourous, #8 and #41,and one nail polish , no #33.
Jordana brow – brunette / Wet and Wild – Brule / Jordana blush , Coral Sandy beach
 Brule of WnW is supossed to be the  dupe of  Brulee της Mac
Essence – for fairies / Jordana – over the taupe / Essence eyeliner.
Over the taupe is supposed to be a dupe of  Satin Taupe της Mac
Mini swatch :
Black cherry->Lovie (20)->(21) -> Erre Due ->glam (21)->(8) ->Essence -> Coral Sandy beach
And a pair of peep-toes I got from Blanco, for 26euros:

Have you got any of them ?  Do you like them?



My lipstick collection and swatches!

Hello Beauties!

Here is my lipstick collection!

Up until 2 years ago, I didn’t own more than 2-3 lipsticks, but now , thanks to internet/e-bay mostly, I own all these goodies.

Let’s start with Nyx:
nyx frappucinno iconic bling tea rose san paulo perfect decadent round lipstick b52 mars hermes milan san paulo sake
Top (L->R) Iconic, B52, Minimalism, Mars, Hermes
Bottom : Perfect, Decadent, Tea Rose, Milan, Frappucino
At left is Sake (lip tint) , to the right is bling (black label ) and the one in the lipgloss tube San Paulo (soft Matte lip cream)
And the rest of my lippies :
mac hot tahiti jordana korres fast play joli rouge lovie loreal sweet nude artdeco essence all about cupcake voodoo posh charming elf pink in the afternoon revlon
I tried to do a collective swatch with numbers. Kinda failed because NYX and the rest both have a 13 number but anyway…
(You can see the photos full size if right click and select view photo)
Nyx :
nyx frappucinno iconic bling tea rose san paulo perfect decadent round lipstick b52 mars hermes milan san paulo sake
nyx frappucinno iconic bling tea rose san paulo perfect decadent round lipstick b52 mars hermes milan san paulo sake
Rest :
mac hot tahiti jordana korres fast play joli rouge lovie loreal sweet nude artdeco essence all about cupcake voodoo posh charming elf pink in the afternoon revlon
mac hot tahiti jordana korres fast play joli rouge lovie loreal sweet nude artdeco essence all about cupcake voodoo posh charming elf pink in the afternoon revlon
 1- Sake /2- Iconic / 3- B52 / 4 –Minimalism / 5 – Mars / 6 – Hermes / 7 – Bling / 8 – Perfect /
9 – Decadent / 10 – Tea Rose / 11 – Milan / 12 – Frappuccino / 13 – San Paulo
16 – Nude (Korres) / 17 – No#42 (Artdeco) / 18 – All about Cupcake (Essence) /
19 – Pink in the afternoon (Revlon) / 20 – Charming ( ELF) / 21 – Voodoo (ELF) /
22 – Posh (ELF) / 23 – No#50 (Flower) / 24 – Peach Mocha (Maybeline) /
25 – Rouge Vibration (Lancome)  / 26 – Hot Tahiti (Mac) / 27 – Fast Play (Mac)
28 – Sweet Nude (L’oreal ) / 29 – No#20 (Lovie) / 30 – Joli Rouge (Clarins )
Hope you liked it !

ΜAC Hot tahiti Lipstick Swatch/Review

Hello  beauties!

It was about time to make a lipstick swatch and here I am , I ll do one from our loving Mac. Its called HOT TAHITI.

Its’a bit winterish for color, that’s why I was waiting for the period of year to come and make the swatch

Its one of my favorite colors atm, if not the most favorite.

Mac hot tahiti swatch  mac hot tahiti

Color is… I don’t know how to describe it. In other reviews online it was described as.. ” Soft Reddish Coral” ”A red with a tinge of orange and pink” ” berry/red/rose” , ” mauv-y red with hints of coral” . I think – suprizingly – everything fits, depends on the canvas you are working it. For example, in my deadly white hand it looks like this:

mac hot tahiti swatch

Where you can see the coraly/orangy touch. To my lips though, I d say is a light mauve-berry to wine.

mac hot tahiti swatch 

Its kinda sheer, but leaves a lovely finish, and is of course, very moisturizing.

I wouldn’t say that is a MLBB color, its a bit more dark to fit that. But its an extremely wearable color.Suprizingly, in dark looks darker, so you can also wear it in night hours as well.


Its a very underrated color  and I really don’t see why ! I think that fits all the skin tones, and its a color that you could wear all the time .

Would you buy such color?


Lots of love


Hit or Miss series : Elf Cosmetics.


(Greek version here)

I decided to start a new series of posts, showing off the hits and misses of each company.

Much or less, everyone have heard of ELF. (Eyes, lips, face). Personally, I have introduced it to all of my friends as well.

I own quite a lot of them, so I decided to start with it. (Nyx, Korres, Seventeen,Sleek, Jordana, are some to come…)

Most of the products are good-great-amazing, but there were also a  couple of fails, so ….

Let’s go..


Brushes in general is HIT! I don’t own many of them, but those I own are great. Value for money, and even more.

Kabuki brush (must be from the mineral line , I don’t remember) : I have tried a couple of more kabukis, this one is the best. not very hard, not very soft, its a HIT!

Studio line:

Powder Brush: one of ELF’s best seller. Its amazing. I use it for my mineral booster, and sometimes Blush. Defenately a HIT!

Stipple Brush: I haven’t used another stipple brush to be honest, but I tried and looks good for me. Probably HIT!

Angled Eyeliner Brush : I don’t know about others, but it doesn’t help me to apply eyeliner. I though would make it easier, not harder. MISS!

Eyeshadow C brush :  Does what it says.  A regular , good , brush. HIT!

Contour brush : Like it a lot. Easy to work with. HIT!

normal line:

Smudge brush:  A bit softer than it should, but good enough anyway. Borderline HIT!

Smudge eye brush (the one with the sponge) : I love it! Compared to other I own, defenately wins. stable, not big enough to make the sponge go, smooth enough to do what it has to do. HIT!


Elf nail polishes : Its amazing how good the quality is . And the staying power. It will sound crazy, but those colors stay longer

to MY nails (depends on the nail, always) than the OPI (but less than China Glaze).

The one with the gold shimmer, in reality is Fabulous. Defenately a HIT!


Regular lipsticks: I own a couple of them . Voodoo and Posh are my favorite. Good pigmentation, medium staying power, lovely colors.

For about 2 euros each, definately a HIT!

Matte lipstick :  Fruity taste, really Matte result, hydrating. HIT!

Luscious and Hypershine lipgloss: Good staying power, nice colors, sticky. Close to be a HIT!

Lip stains: Stays for a long time, natural result, lovely colors. HIT!

Studio Lip stains: Dries lips, not much of a stain. MISS!



Studio Blushes: A bit light (great for me), medium pigmenation, smooth and nice colors to choose. HIT!

Mineral Booster: I love it , no matter what is really made to do.  Use it as a face powder, with or without foundation, make my skin matt and soft. Definately a HIT!

Bronzer (and highlighter): I use the bronzer from blush and bronzer compact duo instead, but this one is good, too. The highlighter is always in my bag . HIT!


Mineral eye primer: Not really different  from regular line. And more expensive. Accidentally a HIT!

Eye primer: Elf’s best seller? I like it, I have dry lids, so I don’t face oilyness problems . HIT!

Eye – liner pen: I own black, ash and brown. Ash is a MISS! Luckily, I gave it a second chance and bought black and brown. HIT!

Lengthening and defining mascara: One of the biggest fails. Does nothing to my eyelashes. I have it 3 months and dried already. A big old MISS!

Under eye concealer (and highlighter) : Medium coverage. Its supposed to be bigger, considering is for under eyes.highlighter is nice. Borderline MISS!


One is the colored one, one is a concealer, and on is a highlighter. Concealer is too dark for me , highlighter  and the colored one is nice 🙂

They smell great. HIT!, I’d say.


Eyebrow kit: I love it. Dearly. I m almost finishing the dark one. I bought a medium one, also. Maybe the best ELF thingie. A must-have HIT!

Eyebrow lifter and filler: Its not as precise or great as the kit, but does the job. The concealer/ivory pencil on the one, is a must for under brow. HIT!



day to night beauty on the go pallete (discontinued?) :  I have only the one here. Some of their shadows are good, some not. Medium pigmenation, some chalky. I might use the blush for making my own cream blush. MISS! 

Flawless eyeshadow pallete: Good pigmentation, awyfull brush. HIT!

Compact – customised pallete (2 blushes – 2 eyeshadows): I love the eyeshadows, and the compact case. Good pigmentation, good amount of product. HIT! Blushes are nice as well, but the size doesn’t help to ”get” with your blush brush. MISS!

Duo eyeshadow: I have rarely used them. Didn’t like the color but its a nice product. Probably a MISS!

Cream eyeshadow: Dislike them. Very oily, and hard to get from there. MISS!


Concealer kit: Good pigmentation, ”must” concealer colors, a bit  hard to apply. Could be better. Hardly a HIT !

Blush and bronzer: A must have duo from all. Lovely colors – both. Definately a HIT!

Complexion perfection: I use them all together, to even my face discolorations. HIT!

Eyelash curler: Since I can’t get the SHU UEMURA lash curler in my hands, I won’t change this one. Great and super cheap. Must-have HIT!

Cream eyeliner: Good staying power, bright color. HIT!

Therapeutic conditionic balm: Delicious, really softens the lips but it melts too easy. Overall a HIT!

No photo available: 

(either because I don’t know where they are, or because I know where they are – garbage)

Cream eyeshadow :  I have ”dawn”  one and I love it. Doesn’t oil the eyes, longetivity (killed the word?). HIT!

Eye widener pencil: White is in fact pearl white, and you have to press it strongly. MISS!

Natural radiance blusher: Although a lovely blush, the packaging (the old one, with a slider cover) was awful. MISS for the packaging! I made it a cream blush with vazeline. The new packaging looks cool, though.

Tinted moisturizer and studio tinted moisturizer: Both can’t much my skin tone. Uneven apply to skin. MISS!

clarrifying pressed powder: Maybe my least favorite product ever. Chalky, bad colors, hard to even pick from there. MISS!

Brightening eye colors palette: Nothing compared to the flawless mini palletes. Small, and a bit chalky. MISS!

Eye transformer: usuless. MISS!

What’s your experience with Elf cosmetics? Do you have some favorites and some fails?

Do you liked my HIT and MISS list? Should I continue?

Lots of love


Beauty Swap, anyone?

Hello lovelies.

Recently, I ve heard lots of bloggers who swap products with other bloggers, located in other countries.

I think that I’d love to do the same.

Many products I want to buy are either not available here, or relatively expensive (even to buy online).  Except from this, I would love to try some goodies from other countries anyway, chosen the ”swapper” (does this word even exists?)

On the other hand, there are Greek brands (or European) that are very nice (seventeen, erre due, etc) or they are cheaper here (korres) that – I guess – would like a girl to try, right?
Is anyone interested?


Magnifibres giveaway !!!

Suprise – suprise!

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Magnifibres… Magnifique!

Good evening  beauties!

(Greek version here)

Here is my new post with a product a bit different from the rest.

No, its not a mascara, its a lash extender.

It is used together with the mascara, to make lashes bigger, richer , like wearing fake lashes..

Magnifibres it is! The product’s name is the same with brand’s name, and this company kindly sent me this lash extender for review (thank you 🙂 )

***** You can right-clik and select view-photos to see full size ******


How does this work?

– Apply a layer from our fave mascara ! (Hell yeah, works with ANY mascara!)

– Apply a layer of Magnifibres, just like we apply our mascara, with the difference that we have to look down.

Leave for 20 seconds to dry

– Apply another layer of mascara…



We can make the magnifibres-mascara step as many times as we want, up until we reach the wanted result. Mine with 3mascara-2magni was already enough! (and amazing)

In my test I use Lancome’s hypnose star (sample in Greek marie claire) and my elf eyelash curler.

Plain with no mascara – one layer of Hypnose Star

   hypnose 1

One layer of magnifibres (see the flakes ?)  and with 2 layers of Mascara (mascara-magnifibres-mascara)


And now… second layer of Magnifibres and 3 layer of mascara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, in comparison look how my eye is with no mascara, how is the final result and how it works with another mascara (can’t remember which)


• The results! I mean, look at them!

• Works with any mascara!

• Doesn’t irritate the eyes (I have very sensitive eyes, I can’t even use pencil in my waterlines, and many mascaras as well – cry me a river!)

• You’ll never have to use fake lashes!


• Some of the flakes stuck in your mascara which is kinda annoying (it doesn’t bother the mascara though)

• Not available in Greece YET ( only online).

I don’t consider them to be expensive (online price is 20 pounds) compare to the results and what it gives you. Its not cheap either, though.

So…. do you like it? Would you buy such product? I’d defenately will!

Stay tuned for a little suprise !!!