50 random facts about me!

Hello again!

Sorry I haven’t posted for such a long time, but I had to deal with some personal matters those weeks, and didn’t have time to make a post. Here is just the 50 random things about me – tag, but I promise I will return asap for some reviews and swatches!

1.I am addicted to internet and gadgets.
2.Μy profession is stereotypically manly. The sex rate in my university semester was 3(f)/97(m)
3. I m 174cm tall
4. My eyes were blue-grey until I was 3 years old ! (Now are grey/green hazel)
5. My brother made me princess-like with gum when I was 4.. In my hair (crown), ears (earrings) and necklace. I had to cut my hair manly/short.
6. I was the most anti-social kid in kindergarden. When my parents dropped me there, I just took my pencils and start drawing instead of playing with the rest of the kids.
7. I like football and I am a PAOK fan.
8. Ι never played with dolls until 2 years ago with my best friend’s daughter. I have 3 brothers, and they destroyed every single girly toy I had
9. I never leave house if I don’t have a) a handbag b) my cell c) money
10. I don’t eat bacon, ham, salami, sausages, beans, chickpeas, greens in general and actually, lots of food. I also rarely eat bread with lunch/dinner.
11. I am addicted to coffee and I only drink it black.I can drink up to 6 per day, with no problem
12. I can sleep for more than 14 hours, if noone wakes me, even if I m not tired
13. I have problems concentrating in one thing (can’t even read with music, etc)
14. I have never had a dream job.
15. I hate yellow. I didn’t like it even when I was a little girl. There is no yellow in any of my clothes.
16. I m very clumsy. Moving disaster. My brother calls me Gafatron. Gafa (blunter) / (skele)tron
17. I have a terrible voice. I m the worst singer I know !
18. I have lived in 6 different cities and changed 10 houses so far.
19. I rarely have fever, but when I do, its high.
20. I have been through 2 pneumonias and Salmonela when younger.
21. I can handle pain very well (I didn’t even cry when I saw my chin bone, and had 6 stiches when I was five) but I can’t handle heat/burns.
22. I can’t sleep if there is tiny light or sound.
23. I don’t snore, I don’t sleeptalk, but I m rolling around all the time.
24. I had an IQ test in school and scored 141.
25. I am extremely patient
26. I m good with crafts.
27. I adore kids.
28. I never owned a pet, except a water turtle, once.
29. I never download subtitles for English-language series or movies.
30. I always want to have my nails nicely done, while I don’t always were make up.
31. I want to learn Korean and Spanish.
32. Ι have never wear/tried fake eyelashes.
33. I was woodsculping and made Byzantine iconography some years ago.
34. I am hardcore monogamist.
35. I don’t drive and I am afraid of speed.
36. I have acrophobia 
37. My birthday is 28th of February. I was born in a leap year, so I was lucky/unlucky enough to get out a day earlier.
38. I am right-handed and I can’t do anything other than open bottles and play cards with my left hand.
39. I hate when I hear the clock sound, hear someone’s loud chewing and seeing girls with high heels that can’t walk with them.
40. If I could change something on me would be my teeth.
41. I m very interested in Anthropology
42. I love pickles.
43. I dislike Christmas, and every kind of festive celebrations.
44. I broke a truck’s backlight. With my head. Crashed while riding my bike when I was 7.
45. I am loner but at the same time I’m an outgoing person.
46. I grew up next to the sea, yet, I love mountains.
47. In every single house I live, there was always a church very close ! (coincidence!)
48. I dislike vanilla and I love chocolate.
49. I am a bookworm. I have even downloaded some epub e-books and read through Aldico app, in my phone.
50. I love bags. More than love, I guess, I m obsessed 🙂

Do you share some common things with me from the above lists?Would like to see your own random facts, don’t hesitate to link me your posts in the comments 🙂

That’s it, for now 🙂

Lots of kisses 🙂