E.l.f eyebrow kit ~ Miracle

Hello ladies, here I am again!

As you already know, I decided to open a blogger blog as well. I ve moved all my posts there as well.

But, i also think that it would be good if I can have posts in English in the one, and Greek in the other, or.. well , it depends.

My Greek readers can find this post here.

In my latest Elf Haul, I bought items that weren’t in stock for a very long time. On of them was the eyebrow kit.I got it in dark.

It has a wax-like dark brown cream shadow, a light brown shadow, and a little mirror on the top. You apply the wax first, then the brow-shadow to make it look more 3-D effect.


I m trying to grow my eyebrows, because all of these years, they are getting more and more slimmer, and I want it more ”bushy”.

So, they are kinda ugly , but then.. I found this miracle 🙂

Here is my bare eyebrows. As you can see, some places are more bushy, some not, there are ”bald” spots, and a bad shape. Plus, the inner side, is very thick compared to the outer one. So , I want to try and make it as good as I can.


Then, I apply the wax-cream to the places I want to make ”richer”, and apply a bit of the powder brow-shadow so we have that:



What do you think? Do you think that it makes as much as a difference as it makes according to me?

Have you every tried it? What’s you opinion?


10 thoughts on “E.l.f eyebrow kit ~ Miracle

  1. I think your brows look nice, either way. One thing that helped me to ‘grow’ my eyebrows was using stencils. Have you tried those? They worked great for the initial shaping and also to keep me from plucking or waxing into areas I wanted to grow. I hope that makes sense! At any rate, you have great eyebrows! IMO!
    — Judi

    • Oh, thank you very much! Yes, I recently bought an essence brow kit, just for the stencils. I used it to not plug some areas, but the ones that the hair is still growing, need some filling, yet. Like if you view the whole image in the bare eyebrows, you ll see the problems it has (right click-> view image).
      Thank you. they are too hairy though

    • Ι haven’t use them , and probably I never will. With 4 euros, I am very please, so why to buy UD or Benefit ?
      Isnt’ it amazing?
      Following you now Sylvia 😉

  2. The ELF eyebrow kit is definitely a must have for me! The duo matches my eyebrows quite well – I have been blessed with horrible dark eyebrows which are impossible to fill in without them looking drawn on!

    • Same here. With a pencil, no matter how identical the color might be, it seems so unnatural. The powder that i use under the wax-cream, gives them the 3D effect.
      Everyone noticed my different (better) brows, and noone could tell that they are drown.
      I use it every-single day !
      Followin you on Bloglovin’

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