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ΜAC Hot tahiti Lipstick Swatch/Review

Hello  beauties!

It was about time to make a lipstick swatch and here I am , I ll do one from our loving Mac. Its called HOT TAHITI.

Its’a bit winterish for color, that’s why I was waiting for the period of year to come and make the swatch

Its one of my favorite colors atm, if not the most favorite.

Mac hot tahiti swatch  mac hot tahiti

Color is… I don’t know how to describe it. In other reviews online it was described as.. ” Soft Reddish Coral” ”A red with a tinge of orange and pink” ” berry/red/rose” , ” mauv-y red with hints of coral” . I think – suprizingly – everything fits, depends on the canvas you are working it. For example, in my deadly white hand it looks like this:

mac hot tahiti swatch

Where you can see the coraly/orangy touch. To my lips though, I d say is a light mauve-berry to wine.

mac hot tahiti swatch 

Its kinda sheer, but leaves a lovely finish, and is of course, very moisturizing.

I wouldn’t say that is a MLBB color, its a bit more dark to fit that. But its an extremely wearable color.Suprizingly, in dark looks darker, so you can also wear it in night hours as well.


Its a very underrated color  and I really don’t see why ! I think that fits all the skin tones, and its a color that you could wear all the time .

Would you buy such color?


Lots of love