How I fell in love with a lipstick color, ELF – Voodoo

Hello beauties.

Its ELF time again.

I was about to make a review about some ELF products all together, but I hadn’t really tried this lipstick before. Once I did it, I had to post about it seperately.

There was not long ago that I said that I don’t usually try darker lipsticks, because I prefer ”safer” colors. Being pale in my skin, with dark hair, and big lips for my face, a too bright, or too red color for me is very risky.

I can’t really describe how much I loved this color. From the moment I tried it , I … just loved it !  It might just be me, and you might disagree with me, that’s why I ll swatch it and I expect your opinion as well.

Elf says : Spicy Warm Red Creme

I don’t know how exactly to describe it, its like the color of cherries? Wine red? Don’t know, its just looking great 😉




Looks  just okay, isn’t it ? But look it on my lips…



And how it actually looks with my skintone, colors,etc


So, what do you think?

I am delussional or it looks as good as I think it does?

Lots of Love.






13 thoughts on “How I fell in love with a lipstick color, ELF – Voodoo

    • Οh, thank you ♥
      Nice to see that I don’t imagine things, and look like clown instead.

      I love that scarf,too.It was love from the first sight, and only 9 euros ! (12€ ). Soft, with amazing color combination!

    • Θα σε κάνω μέσω GFC. Θα ήταν πιο ευκολο αν θες να κάνεις και λογαριασμό bloglovin για να μην χάνουμε και νέα ποστ!

  1. Συγγνωμη για τη λαθος διευθυνση. Τη διορθωσα.
    Εχεις πολυ ωραια πλουσια χειλη, σου παει αυτο το κραγιον!

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