Zebra nail tutorial!

Hello beauties!!! I know I still don’t post very often.

But here I come with another nail tutorial! 🙂

What you need is:

A white nail polish (with fine brush, or seperate brush)

a red nail polish (same with white)

a black nail polish

and a base coat (and top coat of course)

I chose a Keratin base coat, to enrich my nails a bit.

So, apply the base, and the french manicure them with Black

So, from the top edged corner of the tip, draw a line, almost till the 70-80% of the total nail lenght

You can either do the same from the other side (drag the line till the 70-80%)

Or you can draw a smaller line (thicker maybe) and even play joining the first and the third one

I double-layered them later, cause my white is not that good.

One last step is just to draw a red line on the bottom of the french mani

And voila

This zebra stuff work better in long nails.

My thumb nail broke, and it looks awful with the zebra..

Easy, isn’t it ?

You can adjust the thickness of the white line, and do it as slim/fat as you want

In an older time I made it as I show you there,

I had longer nails (acrylic, lol) , and finer brush

Will you try it ?

Hope you liked it !

See you soon!


Nail art tutorial no # 1 – Kind-of-flower

Hello there! 🙂

I promised to do some nail art tutorials, so here I am ..!!! Since my nails are kinda short yet, I ll start with those that are more suitable for that lenght…

The one I ll do is the kind-of-flower one, I had in my nail art post

Its not that good (the result), because the white color was a bit dry, and I didn’t have a nail thickener, but, at least you can get the idea of how this is done 🙂

So, what we are going to need is :

-Base coat

-White nail polish

– A nail art polish or a brush for nail art

– a Bright color of your choice

– A dot pencil, (toothpick will do as well)

This is what I used:

Step one :

Form nicely your nails and apply base coat

Step two :

French manicure all nails except the the one in the ring finger (of course, if you want to to the nail art in other finger, its okay)

Step three:

Paint it in the half, your nail, with the color you choose. If its not exactly in the half, doesn’t matter 🙂

Step four :

With the nail art brush/polish, draw an arc / half circle in the side of your nail.

Then, draw a circly line from the end of the arc, to the middle, where the pink and bare nail meets.

Do the same on the other side, too

Fill in the ”leaf” that’s on the bare nail, with the pink/bright color

Draw two lines of dots, starting from the middle to the other side of the nail… This time I choose to both use the white color

While the other time, I made one white , one pink

Step five:

Cover with a top coat, and its ready 🙂

Hope it helped!!!!

Lots of Love