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Tag : How much my make-up costs?

(Greek version here)
This is a tag I saw recently, about how much your (daily) make up costs.
The prices are the ones that I bought each product, and I am not including any brushes in the tag:

Garnier BB Cream (light) – 10 €
Revlon Colorstay 110 ~ 12 € 
(I m mixing those two to much my color better)
Radiant illuminator  (ροζ) ~ 14 €  (Radiant -> Greek brand)
Seventeen concealer (07) ~ 8 €  (seventeen -> Greek brand)
Mineral Booster ELF  – 6£ ~ 7.5€

Elf eyelid primer (sheer) – 1.5£ ->1.8 €
Sleek oh-so-special pallete ~ 10€
Diorshow Iconic Mascara ~ 29€
elf eyebrow kit (dark)- 3.75£ -> 4.6€
elf eyelash curler – 1.5£ ->1.8€
silky eye pencil errer due (black and white) ~ 5,5€ each -> 11€ (erre due ->Greek brand)
All over color stick – spot light  (Elf) 1.5£ – 1.8€
Elf lip stain Crimson crush – 2.50£ -> 3.1€
Korres lip balm stick – 3.5 €
Sleek sunrise blush – 5.5€

Blush and Bronzer kit (Elf) 3.75£ -> 4,6€

Total : 128,2€ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its socking! Just for my daily make up I use so much money! I didn’t even include brushes, or my fave Naked 2 palette, just simple, cheap, products 🙂
What about you?
Lots of love



My first giveaway :) Sleek’s Storm palette

My first – small though – giveaway.

The Prize is Sleek’s Storm Palette. Its ideal for night, warm and natural. I bought it with my own money, its no way sponsored.

I hope you like it.


Rules :


• Follow my blog . Via wordpress  or via GFC, this one

• Leave a blog comment. What you d love to see , what you think I should change, or whatever , PLUS your e-mail so I can contact you if you win.

(Extra points:)

• You can follow me on twitter , kike my facebook   page , follow me via bloglovin

• You can also win extra entries if you share, tweet or make a blog post about this giveaway.

• You have to be above 18 years old, or  having a parent’s approval.

Last but not least HERE you can find the Rafflecopter widget to enter.

Giveaway ends at 10th of August

This giveaway is international. I will ship with Greek postal services, and once shipped, I have no responsibility.

Good luck 🙂

Sleek – Oh so Special palette swatch / spidermetrix

Hello again dolls!

(Greek version here)

After one month of my order (Amazon.co.uk), it finally came. Took lots of time, compared to other orders from there, and other shipments from UK.
Sleek – oh so special on my hands, finally! I’ve been flirting with this pallete for quite some time.


Before writing about the pallete, I want to tell you how I got this palette.
Long time ago, my brother asked me to sign up in a poll site. Its called Spidermetrix.
What’s that? You complete polls and you get points as rewards which when they will be enough, you can cash out . Either by cash, donation or amazon voucher.
I collected enough all those months, so I got an amazon voucher..
And here I am …
Whoever wants to sign up, can do it from this link. There is no spam mails , so don’t worry.
 Back to our subject now…
I decided to get it from amazon, since the shipping from Sleek’s site is 9 euro, which is extrememely high.
Like the blushes that I swatched recently, so the palette, has great pigmentation.
Bow – Organza – Ribbon – Gift Basket – Glitz – Celebrate
Pamper – Gateau – The mail – Boxed – Wrapped up – Noir
Bow – Very very light beige. A color that I use only to the brow-bone.
Organza- I love it. Its a shimmering pink. Although I love matte shades.
Ribbon – Pinky / Salmon.
Gift Basket – Bronze.
Glitz – Blue-grey. Not my favorite, too dark for me.Μπλε-γκρί να το πω? Θα το πω. Δεν τρελαίνομαι ιδιαίτερα, δεν μπορώ να χρησιμοποιώ και τόσο σκούρο χρώμα.
Celebrate – Black/coffee with red shimmer. Me likey.
Pamper- Pinkish, a lighter version of Ribbon.
Gateau- Shimmery lilac. Perfect.
The Mail-Taupe ?
Boxed- A matter brown.
Wrapped UP – Can’t describe it . Like a purplish,brown?
Noir – Black. Perfect black.
Half and half.
My two favorites.
What’s suprising is that, except the amazing pigmentation (its not that obvious in the pics, after all, I suck at taking photos, so is my camera), the eyeshadows also apply very smoothly. They are not chalky, not even the shimmery ones.

The brush is awful, but the mirror on the top, is great.

See the swatch in my hand. I haven’t used primer (I will from now on)
Bow – Organza – Ribbon – Gift Basket – Glitz – Celebrate (Bow is non-visible here.)
Pamper – Gateau – The mail – Boxed – Wrapped up – Noir

I love it. the colors are all fantastic, and you can use it both for everyday make up and night one.

You are gonna love it.

Any of you have it already? What do you think?


Lots of love



Sleek blushes Pomegranate and Sunrise – Swatch

Ηello Beauties!

*Greek version here*

Ι had so many ideas (actually written down) about what post to make, but in the end, I don’t make any post at all. I think my time won’t be enough, and I m like ”Okay, I ll do it tommorow”

This is my first contact with Sleek products, but surely not the last. Some days ago, I ordered the ”Oh-so-special” eyeshadow pallete from Amazon.co.uk, and I am looking forward to have it, and swatch it of course.

So days ago, Irish beauty blogger  Julie , had a blog sale, and was selling , among others, 2 Sleek blushes. One was never used, the other just swatched, price was great so I bought them, and got them very soon 🙂

But this particular swatch got on my nerves, honestly. I might do something wrong, but I can’t get correct photos. I put too much of blush in my cheeks, so much that its impossible to get out of house like this, and in photos its like not wearing. Same happened with my ELF  swatches some time ago, and that time too, I wore lots of blush, enough to look like a clown

Anyway, I did my best. Sleek blushes have a great pigmentation, and if you are more talented in makeup like me, you are going to love it.

Pomegrante is a mauve-ish one with shimmer, and a sunrise is a bronzer-type with shimmer, although when swatched, the pomegranate has a more orango-redish tone.



Here is a double swatch, one with one wipe, and the other with two.


(Top : sunrise , bottom : Pomegranate)                                                   (Left : sunrise – Right : Pomegranate)

Overall, I think that they are amazing blushes.