My perfume collection

Hello there!

Ι have been absent again, I don’t make excuses but I have the most perfect and sweet reason not to be on the blog.

Here is it, my best friend gave birth to her second daughter -> my future godchild 🙂

Anyway…Do you love perfumes? I do, so I have some in my collections (I have more actually, but I have left them in my hometown, where the rest of my family lives).

And… I m gonna show it to you 🙂

(No, its not a try to get a panoramic photo)

Pure Poison by Dior and Noa by Cacharel

Sensation by Jil Sander and  Glow by Jlo

Hot by Givenchy and touch of Pink by lacoste

Coco madmoiselle by Chanel and He/il by Armani

One by Ck and One summer by CK

Rush 2 by Gucci and Extreme by Bulgari

Montana Blu by Claude Montana and 212 (the green one) by Carolina Herrera

Brit By Burberry ( I didn’t took a photo, I forgot it ) and Burberry

Summer edition of Isey Miyake and Hypnose Senses by Lancome

And last, a Joop one which I don’t remember and a perfume from the Greek brand of Seventeen. Its not a high-end one, it actually costs only 11€ , but the magnificent is that has the exactly same smell with Gucci rush (1, the red ) and maybe even better.


Do you have any of them above? What is your favorite perfume?

If you want to ask anything about the above, feel free to . Yes, I know 2 of them are unisex and one is for males.

Lots of love


My wishlist – February

Hello there, here I am again!!!


So, I was thinking of making a wishlist post, and … here it is…


There are some items at the moment that I want, but for some reasons (explain below), I don’t have.

I am not so good with make-up, so you will suprised to see that there are much ”must have” that I do NOT own .

So, here is my wishlist :

Eos Lip Balms.

First time I saw them, I fell in love with them. The cute little sphere is just so… cute! I read some reviews, and also seemed okay (not exceptionally great) so I always wanted to buy them. I can find them on e-bay or online shop.

But the truth is , EOS lip balms cost around 3 dollars there (-> USA) . I will buy them at least 12 (price and shipping). Although 12 dollars is not much of an amount, 4 times the price of it, is … I just think its stealing…

– Lip Revlon Butters.

Same case as above. Plus, Revlon IS available to Greece, so I just have to wait when this will come here. I guess.


– The infamous blush of Nars – Orgasm

This is something I probably won’t buy . I have some/enough  high-end products, but I wouldn’t spend 30 € for a Blush, especially when I am not earning much at the moment, with the salary cuts, the extra taxes – haratsi,  and without knowing what happens next..

I am probably going to buy a  cheaper dupe  like Sleek,Milani or  Elf 😦

However, I d love to have it…

– Naked pallete by Urban Decay

This is something that I am going to buy.Yeah, i know I am late to buy this already. The colors seems colors of my range , beautiful, and affordable pallete (compared to what it gives you) .Probably will be the present to my self for my birthday (28th of February). Probably…

-Hot by Givenchy

This is my all time favorite perfume. I want it , but it is discontinued. Every friend of mine that used it -> fell in love with it. Everyone that smelled it, compliment me. So sexy …

😦 Do you know any ”dupe” of this?

– Shu uemura lash curler.

This is also something that I will buy as well. Although 20€ for a curler is a bit pricey, I think its worth the money. I never use mascara without curling my straight eyelashes, so using a great curler, is a must, right?


Side note :

I had the wishlist in my notes on blackeberry. I just write the key words so I can remember.

See how it looked like.

Naked P.



I was laughing alone, It seemed like a porn note or something … Hahah.

What’s your wish list? what do you think about mine ?



Lots of love