My wishlist – February

Hello there, here I am again!!!


So, I was thinking of making a wishlist post, and … here it is…


There are some items at the moment that I want, but for some reasons (explain below), I don’t have.

I am not so good with make-up, so you will suprised to see that there are much ”must have” that I do NOT own .

So, here is my wishlist :

Eos Lip Balms.

First time I saw them, I fell in love with them. The cute little sphere is just so… cute! I read some reviews, and also seemed okay (not exceptionally great) so I always wanted to buy them. I can find them on e-bay or online shop.

But the truth is , EOS lip balms cost around 3 dollars there (-> USA) . I will buy them at least 12 (price and shipping). Although 12 dollars is not much of an amount, 4 times the price of it, is … I just think its stealing…

– Lip Revlon Butters.

Same case as above. Plus, Revlon IS available to Greece, so I just have to wait when this will come here. I guess.


– The infamous blush of Nars – Orgasm

This is something I probably won’t buy . I have some/enough  high-end products, but I wouldn’t spend 30 € for a Blush, especially when I am not earning much at the moment, with the salary cuts, the extra taxes – haratsi,  and without knowing what happens next..

I am probably going to buy a  cheaper dupe  like Sleek,Milani or  Elf 😦

However, I d love to have it…

– Naked pallete by Urban Decay

This is something that I am going to buy.Yeah, i know I am late to buy this already. The colors seems colors of my range , beautiful, and affordable pallete (compared to what it gives you) .Probably will be the present to my self for my birthday (28th of February). Probably…

-Hot by Givenchy

This is my all time favorite perfume. I want it , but it is discontinued. Every friend of mine that used it -> fell in love with it. Everyone that smelled it, compliment me. So sexy …

😦 Do you know any ”dupe” of this?

– Shu uemura lash curler.

This is also something that I will buy as well. Although 20€ for a curler is a bit pricey, I think its worth the money. I never use mascara without curling my straight eyelashes, so using a great curler, is a must, right?


Side note :

I had the wishlist in my notes on blackeberry. I just write the key words so I can remember.

See how it looked like.

Naked P.



I was laughing alone, It seemed like a porn note or something … Hahah.

What’s your wish list? what do you think about mine ?



Lots of love