DIY face mask ~ Yoghurt and Oatmeal !

Halllooooooo !!!!
Here is a little DIY advice, that works wonderfull!
If you have redness, acne and miscoloration, that’s what you want…
(pictures found on google search)
• Yoghurt
• Oatmeal (βρώμη ~ θα την βρείτε στα δημητριακά στα σουπερ-μάρκετ)
• honey (optional)
Add to the yoghurt as much oatmeal needed so it won’t be to watery, and honey, if you want.
 aplly, leave it for about 10 minutes and… suprise!
Nice, smooth skin!
It reduces the redness after 2-3 times, and you can do it in your home, cheaply and easy!
You are welcome!
PS: Thank you , you know whom 😉