E.l.f Super glossy lip shine (spf 15) – Malt Shake – Swatch

Hello again!!!!

Here I am , lately posting more often than before and I hope I ll keep it up this way.. 🙂

Not long ago, actually, only a couple of days, I got my first order from Elf.

I decided to swatch some products, and I ll start with the ”Malt Shake” lipgloss.

I will also swatch some face products, don’t worry, I am not hiding my face, its just that I am not that good with make up stuff.


I wasn’t  intending of bying it, since I have lots of similar stuff. But then, I googled ”Top Elf products” and this particular shade and product came up with many personal lists, so , I gave it a try.


When you first see the tube, looks something like  brown or transparent choco-something color.

I was kinda dissapointed on that, but I gave it a try anyway.

Wrong me! The lipgloss, of course, gives what promises, the lipshine. The ”Malt Shake” tone, is a very natural, ”how my lips should be” color. Like very natural.

I don’t have very pigmented lips, so it really gives me a beautiful color!

This is my bare – chapped – lips  /  half applied / fully applied

There is huge difference, yet, the color is natural to the lips.


I think what also makes it so popular is that it compliments every skin tone and lips. Its just give more color to less pigmented lips.

About the product itself, It has a good staying power, nice neutral smell, has SPF 15, easy-to-use tube, but the only negative is that it is sticky, something that I dislike.

But then again, it has some many positives, that the stickiness itself can’t stop me for have it on my bag everyday 🙂

Love it !!!

Many kissez girlz