December Haul!

Hello beauties!
Here I am again, with a haul post, or better, a collective-haul post.
I got some thingies from Hondos Center (its the Greek version of Sephora, or CVS, or multi-brand store with make up and stuff), a 1euro dollar shop, and from beautyjoint (black friday)
From beautyjoint I got 4 out of 5 of top-left (except the essence eyeshadow), and Nyx’s lipstick.
More specifically Jordana blush – coral sandy beach, Jordana brow shadow – brunnete, Wet n Wild – Brule , Jordana eyeshadow over the taupe and Nyx – Black cherry!
From Hondos I got Bioten’s hand Cream (Greek brand)  essense nail polish (out of the forest),  essence cream eyeshadow- for fairies, eyeliner from essence 100% splash proofand the erre due lasting contour eye #2 pencil (greek brand -> AMAZING pencils).
From 1euro shop/lovie I got the long-tubed lipstick  #21, the short one #20, and 2 pencils of brand glamourous, #8 and #41,and one nail polish , no #33.
Jordana brow – brunette / Wet and Wild – Brule / Jordana blush , Coral Sandy beach
 Brule of WnW is supossed to be the  dupe of  Brulee της Mac
Essence – for fairies / Jordana – over the taupe / Essence eyeliner.
Over the taupe is supposed to be a dupe of  Satin Taupe της Mac
Mini swatch :
Black cherry->Lovie (20)->(21) -> Erre Due ->glam (21)->(8) ->Essence -> Coral Sandy beach
And a pair of peep-toes I got from Blanco, for 26euros:

Have you got any of them ?  Do you like them?



8 thoughts on “December Haul!

  1. Hi! I’m coming in Greece this Saturday and is there like 1 dollar shops in Athens? And where there?:) And if you can tell me which are great Greek makeup brands, cheap but nice quality and where are the best shopping areas to find some cosmetics? 🙂

    • Really? Wow! Nice!!
      1 dollars shops, yes, there are quite a lot. or you know 1-3dollars, at least.
      Some of the brands are pretty decent, some are kinda shitty, to be onest.

      Greek make up brands?
      I love Erre Due pencils/eyeliners, some of the seventeen (the extraordinaire mascara), and many of the radiant (the more proffesional of seventeen, not that cheap tho), and of course, Korres, in way cheaper prices.
      The are some multishops called Hondos Center (its like Sephora) that have all of the Greek brands (drugstore) , high end, and foreign drugstore. You ll be in Athens? I can tell you exact location, and we can even meet (if you want, of course, else, I just can mail you details about traveling and shops here)

      • Hi!
        Yes I will be in Athens like six days! 🙂
        Thank you a lot of information! Here in Finland Korres stuff is like around 20-40 euros so luckily there they are cheaper. 😀
        If you want u can send me e-mail about locations and other stuff too:)

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