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Do you believe in love with the first sight? Second?

Well, how many of us have bought something, that didn’t like that moment, and when we used them again, we fell in love with it?
I m one of them. I had forgotten some items in my stash lately, so I gave them a second chance…
…. and I don’t regret it !
 Zara teracotta multibronzing powder.I remember buying it very cheap (like 5€).I used it a couple of times back then, and then forgot it. I retried it a couple of days ago, and while is multibronzing (means as highlighters, eyeshadows, blushes, etc), I love the colors as eyeshadows. One of my very faves this month.
 Korres Shimmering eyeshadow dark grey. It was part of an 6eyeshadows offer. Though it was too dark. Now love it for smokey 🙂
Seventeen precision liner. Kay. I have to admit that a year ago, I even rarely used eyeliner/eye pencil. I was so clumsy in that. I bought it some months ago, but found it very hard to use. Now that I am a bit better in applying eyeliner, I tried it again. Its a glossy, dark black and have a very good staying power.
L’oreal Lumi Magique. Won it in a giveaway. Never paid attention but after trying it a couple of times I realize that is actually ts good for under-eye highlighter.
Elf concealer/Highlighter duo . I didn’t like the highlighter part, and I thought it was too long to fit my make-up clutch.I saw katmar1978 ‘s  video where she said it broke in two pieces (as it was something negative)  but it was a great solution to me.So I broke it and kept the concealer one which I liked from the start 🙂 Win-win!
Lancome Tonique water. (no pic for this) I have bought quite a few traveler sets and general sets from Duty Free shops, and sometimes, I don’t use all the products from the pack. I had tried that lotion when I bought it but that period of time, my skin was way too dry, so It just made it even more dry !!!
I still don’t use it all the time,but when I have some pimples, I prefer this over any other lotion and it really helps.
The body shop lip liner in mauve berry. I have bought it to match a TBS lipstick.
 I didn’t like the lipstick (gave it away,eventually) and I had forgotten this lip liner, because when I bought it, I didn’t have lots of lipsticks anyway. While looking through my pencils, I saw this. Tried it again, (matched with some of my lipsticks,too) and use it again.

You should all go through your make up stash again. Especially if you have lots and lots of stuff like I do. You’ll might find a hidden gem you have forgotten, too 🙂
Have you given a second chance to any of your products? Which?
Hope you liked this post.

Products I regret buying!

Hello girls!
I m here again, this time with a tag. Not because I don’t have products to review (I have quite a lot), but I have lost my camera’s usb cable, so I can’t charge my camera or move the photos to PC.
So, until the cable I ordered arrives, I’ll do some posts that don’t need photos taken from me. 
( In this post, photos taken from official sites, or selling sites)
It was something I had to do anyway, not because I like trashing products or something, but because there are enough products I regret buying,and I want to know if other people share the same experience with me.
There are of course many other products that I regret buying as well, apart from those, and  I m forgetting them now because either I have given them away, or throw them. Those just came to my mind, that’s all.
So here is the ”Hall of shame” list :
• Lengthening and defining mascara – Elf
I have already told you that is was useless and it dried very soon. I m very peculiar when it comes to mascaras, and this was the worst one I tried. Now you can say ”What do you expect from a mascara that costs 1,5€”. Truth. But its not about the money. I have wasted too much money on make up to cry over 1,5€. But I have also tried products of the same price, of really good quality.
• Lip roll-on by The body shop
I bought it because I love everything lemon-orange in creams and balms. But unlike the lemon balm in the pot, this is .. nothing. It just gives you a little smell of orange. watery and greasy and useless.
• X-treme Curl mascara – MUA
Extreme-my-ass. Curl-my-ass. I have very straight eyelashes, and did NOTHING to them. Note, that I use eyelash curler every time, and didn’t manage to keep even this!
• Mac Mineralize foundation. I don’t regret it because I didn’t like it. I do like it a lot. But it has so little product inside, and this little product for 35€ its just too much. Colorstay by Revlon or Dermablend by Vichy have way more product and for more than half the price and they are equally or even better quality.
• Seventeen nail polishes. Okay. I have a love-hate relationship with them. They don’t last to my nails, yet, I can’t stop buying them (love their color range) and each time I regret buying any of them.
•This ELF pencil. It doesn’t write.You have to push it hard, and I m not going to lose my eye over a useless pencil, which is not even white (its pearl white)
•Erre Due lip glosses.
(I can’t find a photo from the official site, and I don’t have them anymore)
They cost 10 euros, they stay very very long but they are very sticky. Really sticky. Can’t-open-my-mouth sticky. I wanted to love them, but I.just.can’t.
• Bourjois Eyeshadows. Chalky and hard to use. Quite expensive for their quality.Maybe because the one I had was a pink with shimmer, and the shimmer made it as such. I just disliked it so much.
•Jordana undercover concealer. It sucks. Unlike the rest of the Jordana products which are , on average, AWESOME!I have already ”trashed” it here
 •TBS, black velvet Apricot shower gel. Smels worst after shower, doesn’t do lots of foam. Dissapointment.
I was expecting more because I generally like all body products from TBS.And I m not picky when it comes to shower gels, I just want them to smell nice and make a bit of foam.
•Unifiance LRP . This is the only one item from La Roche Posay that I didn’t like.Its a bit chalky, very sheer, no color match my skin, and for 21€ I can find many better ones. Unifiance foundation on the other hand, is just AMAZING!That’s why I bought that, I was expecting it to be as good as the foundation.

That’s all. For now. What about you ”hall of shame” list? Which products you regret buying and why?
Have you got any experience from those I mentioned?
Lots of love

DIY face mask ~ Yoghurt and Oatmeal !

Halllooooooo !!!!
Here is a little DIY advice, that works wonderfull!
If you have redness, acne and miscoloration, that’s what you want…
(pictures found on google search)
• Yoghurt
• Oatmeal (βρώμη ~ θα την βρείτε στα δημητριακά στα σουπερ-μάρκετ)
• honey (optional)
Add to the yoghurt as much oatmeal needed so it won’t be to watery, and honey, if you want.
 aplly, leave it for about 10 minutes and… suprise!
Nice, smooth skin!
It reduces the redness after 2-3 times, and you can do it in your home, cheaply and easy!
You are welcome!
PS: Thank you , you know whom 😉

Apivita Bloggers Event

Καλησπέρα κοριτσια! 
Αυτή τη φορά επιστρέφω με ποστ στα Ελληνικά!
Πριν απο λίγο καιρό λοιπόν, παρεβρέθηκα, μαζί με άλλες blogger, στο event της Apivita.
Αλλοι λίγο, άλλοι πολύ, όλοι νομίζω ξέρουμε την Apivita. Εγώ προσωπικά απο κάποια προϊόντα της propoline, απο τα lip balm, απο βαφές μαλλιών, και φυσικά τις μάσκες τους!
Το event λοιπόν, έγινε στο κτίριο ”Στέγης Γραμμάτων και Τεχνών” του ιδρύματος Ωνάση, και συγκεκριμένα στον χώρο του εστιατορίου Hytra!
Οι κοπελες απο την Apivita μας υποδεχτηκαν πολύ ζεστά, συζητώντας με όλες της blogger  μία προς μία, πριν ακόμα αρχίσει η παρουσίαση (καθώς επίσης και μετά και κατα την διάρκεια) . Πολύ ζεστή ατμόσφαιρα.
Ξεκινήσανε με την ιστορία της εταιρίας, μας παρουσίασαν αρκετά προϊόντα,την φιλοσοφία της Apivita και ενημερωθήκαμε και  για την πορεία της εταιρίας στο εξωτερικό.
Με διαδραστικούς και εφυέστατους τρόπους, μας κάνανε παρουσίαση πολλών υλικών που χρησιμοποιούνται στις (αγαπημένες όλων, γιαυτό βγήκαν και σε μεγαλή συσκευασία – πολλαπλών δόσεων) αγαπημένες μας μάσκες.
Δεν έχω ξαναδεί τόσο ευφάνταστη παρουσίαση! Ο Σεφ να παίζει με τις πρώτες ύλες, συνταγές για φαγητα, και μπουφέ με…ορισμένα απο τα προϊόντα που χρησιμοπιούνται στις μάσκες ! (πχ. Αργιλος – ναι, καλά ακούσατε!)
Φεύγοντας, μας δώσανε ένα δωράκι (μια σακούλα) με προϊόντα της Apivita (scrub, μάσκες, serum,), καθώς και τις συνταγές που είδαμε να κάνουν!
Τέλος, θα ήθελα να ευχαριστήσω την Apivita για την διοργάνωση αυτού του υπέροχου event.
Επίσης, ένα ακόμα ευχαριστώ στην Μαίρη απο  Madeinheart , γιατί χρησιμοποιησα την πρώτη φώτο απο το ανάλογο πόστ της. Επουδενί δεν θέλω να οικιοποιηθώ κάτι που δεν είναι δικό μου. 
Εσεις, χρησιμοποιείται προϊόντα της Apivita? Ποιό είναι το αγαπημένο σας? 

Reve De Miel – Nyxe review – Giveaway !

Check out my new post about Reve De Miel (Nyxe) at my other blog

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Reve De Miel, Nuxe ~ Review

Ηello Beauties!!
Time for another review, this time for the infamous Reve De Miel ( by Nyxe) that have been a frenzy about it among beauty bloggers worldwide.
I decided to buy/try it , to see if its worth all this hype and attention it gets. 
It consists honey and ”precious oils” as it says (googled it and found out that among others : beeswax, almond oil, shea butter,etc), though the taste is like having orange inside. Its more like honey-orangie taste!
The texture is very nice, its not  greasy like most of the ”lip treatments” are,it is colorless and really does the job it has to do. It doesn’t get off your lips fast, and if you put it at night, its really really good and it makes them soft and moisturized. I saw difference in my chapped lips, but no miracles.
I wouldn’t go that crazy about it, like most of bloggers do, (”Oh, its a miracle “, ”I can’t believe I lived without it so far”, etc etc) Its very good, and it deserves the money you pay for it (10€).I would surely buy it again (the glass jar is very nice, the whole packaging its not a cheap one).
Have you tried it ? What’s your favorite lip balm?

NOTD – Πρώτη επαφή με stamping !

Καλησπέρα κοριτσάκια!

Πριν απο λίγο καιρό πήρα απο το κατάστημα της Lovie στο σταθμό Συγγρού – Fix μια πλάκα, σαν αυτές της Konad. Η εταιρία λέγεται Μοyou και είναι το νούμερο 93. (σχέδιο πάνω αριστερά όπως φαίνεται στην φώτο). Μου άρεσε πολύ το σχέδιο με τις νότες, αλλα επειδή δεν είχα ξαναπροσπαθήσει κάτι αντίστοιχο, το άφησα για αργότερα.

Σαν βάση χρησιμοποιήσα ένα διακριτικό μπεζ – της Erre Due (136)
Με ένα μαύρο μανό, έβαψα την πλάκα, και “μαζεψα” το έξτρα απο πάνω, όχι με το εργαλειάκι απο το stamping kit αλλα με μία κάρτα τύπου πιστωτική ( εγώ μια κάρτα-μέλους – βασικά ).

Εαν θέλετε βήμα-βήμα το πως γίνεται, θα βρείτε tutorials παντού στο youtube, εγώ δεν είμαι ακόμα εξπέρ ωστε να σας δώσω τα φώτα μου σε αυτό !

Προς το παρών, μπορώ μόνο να σας δείξω το αποτέλεσμα της παρθενικής μου προσπάθειας!

Πως σας φαίνεται? Εχετε δοκιμάσει ποτέ konad – stamping? 

Φιλάκια !