Νyx Round Lipgloss swatch : Apricot

Next stop…. Apricot Round Lipgloss. 🙂

I want to swatch all of my Nyx products (and in the meantime some other products,too) , so one by one , I will start to. I was swatching only round Lipsticks, so I though a break  with LipGlosses would be okay…

Here was Apricot  with Tea Rose of the Mega Shine series… (Apricot is the left one)

And, bokutoupdtokyo , you can have a look at Apricot now 🙂 Hope you like it.

Apricot is an soft orangy color (to coral) , perfect for summer 🙂

And how it looks compared to Tea Rose  (the right one):

I prefer Tea Rose to be honest. I am very fond of more natural colors and Tea Rose is one of them. Its not that I don’t like Apricot, I really do, but I only think is good (for me) for summer, when I”ll be (or wish to be) a little tanned. Shame on me, as a Greek I should be ”wog”, but I am not…

Round Lipglosses have less quantity in the tube (compare to Mega Shines), are cheaper, but to my opinion, less quality, too. They go off easily, and I have heard that some are way to liquid … I haven’t that problem, but they sure don’t have the same staying power, neither the tube is well designed (the hole, compared to the applicator is way big)

Anyway, all of the Nyx products, even the round lipglosses are value for money products, and sometimes, defenetely more value for the money given….


Hope you liked the Swatch…

Stay tuned..

Lots of Love