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My lipstick collection and swatches!

Hello Beauties!

Here is my lipstick collection!

Up until 2 years ago, I didn’t own more than 2-3 lipsticks, but now , thanks to internet/e-bay mostly, I own all these goodies.

Let’s start with Nyx:
nyx frappucinno iconic bling tea rose san paulo perfect decadent round lipstick b52 mars hermes milan san paulo sake
Top (L->R) Iconic, B52, Minimalism, Mars, Hermes
Bottom : Perfect, Decadent, Tea Rose, Milan, Frappucino
At left is Sake (lip tint) , to the right is bling (black label ) and the one in the lipgloss tube San Paulo (soft Matte lip cream)
And the rest of my lippies :
mac hot tahiti jordana korres fast play joli rouge lovie loreal sweet nude artdeco essence all about cupcake voodoo posh charming elf pink in the afternoon revlon
I tried to do a collective swatch with numbers. Kinda failed because NYX and the rest both have a 13 number but anyway…
(You can see the photos full size if right click and select view photo)
Nyx :
nyx frappucinno iconic bling tea rose san paulo perfect decadent round lipstick b52 mars hermes milan san paulo sake
nyx frappucinno iconic bling tea rose san paulo perfect decadent round lipstick b52 mars hermes milan san paulo sake
Rest :
mac hot tahiti jordana korres fast play joli rouge lovie loreal sweet nude artdeco essence all about cupcake voodoo posh charming elf pink in the afternoon revlon
mac hot tahiti jordana korres fast play joli rouge lovie loreal sweet nude artdeco essence all about cupcake voodoo posh charming elf pink in the afternoon revlon
 1- Sake /2- Iconic / 3- B52 / 4 –Minimalism / 5 – Mars / 6 – Hermes / 7 – Bling / 8 – Perfect /
9 – Decadent / 10 – Tea Rose / 11 – Milan / 12 – Frappuccino / 13 – San Paulo
16 – Nude (Korres) / 17 – No#42 (Artdeco) / 18 – All about Cupcake (Essence) /
19 – Pink in the afternoon (Revlon) / 20 – Charming ( ELF) / 21 – Voodoo (ELF) /
22 – Posh (ELF) / 23 – No#50 (Flower) / 24 – Peach Mocha (Maybeline) /
25 – Rouge Vibration (Lancome)  / 26 – Hot Tahiti (Mac) / 27 – Fast Play (Mac)
28 – Sweet Nude (L’oreal ) / 29 – No#20 (Lovie) / 30 – Joli Rouge (Clarins )
Hope you liked it !

Hit or Miss series : Elf Cosmetics.


(Greek version here)

I decided to start a new series of posts, showing off the hits and misses of each company.

Much or less, everyone have heard of ELF. (Eyes, lips, face). Personally, I have introduced it to all of my friends as well.

I own quite a lot of them, so I decided to start with it. (Nyx, Korres, Seventeen,Sleek, Jordana, are some to come…)

Most of the products are good-great-amazing, but there were also a  couple of fails, so ….

Let’s go..


Brushes in general is HIT! I don’t own many of them, but those I own are great. Value for money, and even more.

Kabuki brush (must be from the mineral line , I don’t remember) : I have tried a couple of more kabukis, this one is the best. not very hard, not very soft, its a HIT!

Studio line:

Powder Brush: one of ELF’s best seller. Its amazing. I use it for my mineral booster, and sometimes Blush. Defenately a HIT!

Stipple Brush: I haven’t used another stipple brush to be honest, but I tried and looks good for me. Probably HIT!

Angled Eyeliner Brush : I don’t know about others, but it doesn’t help me to apply eyeliner. I though would make it easier, not harder. MISS!

Eyeshadow C brush :  Does what it says.  A regular , good , brush. HIT!

Contour brush : Like it a lot. Easy to work with. HIT!

normal line:

Smudge brush:  A bit softer than it should, but good enough anyway. Borderline HIT!

Smudge eye brush (the one with the sponge) : I love it! Compared to other I own, defenately wins. stable, not big enough to make the sponge go, smooth enough to do what it has to do. HIT!


Elf nail polishes : Its amazing how good the quality is . And the staying power. It will sound crazy, but those colors stay longer

to MY nails (depends on the nail, always) than the OPI (but less than China Glaze).

The one with the gold shimmer, in reality is Fabulous. Defenately a HIT!


Regular lipsticks: I own a couple of them . Voodoo and Posh are my favorite. Good pigmentation, medium staying power, lovely colors.

For about 2 euros each, definately a HIT!

Matte lipstick :  Fruity taste, really Matte result, hydrating. HIT!

Luscious and Hypershine lipgloss: Good staying power, nice colors, sticky. Close to be a HIT!

Lip stains: Stays for a long time, natural result, lovely colors. HIT!

Studio Lip stains: Dries lips, not much of a stain. MISS!



Studio Blushes: A bit light (great for me), medium pigmenation, smooth and nice colors to choose. HIT!

Mineral Booster: I love it , no matter what is really made to do.  Use it as a face powder, with or without foundation, make my skin matt and soft. Definately a HIT!

Bronzer (and highlighter): I use the bronzer from blush and bronzer compact duo instead, but this one is good, too. The highlighter is always in my bag . HIT!


Mineral eye primer: Not really different  from regular line. And more expensive. Accidentally a HIT!

Eye primer: Elf’s best seller? I like it, I have dry lids, so I don’t face oilyness problems . HIT!

Eye – liner pen: I own black, ash and brown. Ash is a MISS! Luckily, I gave it a second chance and bought black and brown. HIT!

Lengthening and defining mascara: One of the biggest fails. Does nothing to my eyelashes. I have it 3 months and dried already. A big old MISS!

Under eye concealer (and highlighter) : Medium coverage. Its supposed to be bigger, considering is for under eyes.highlighter is nice. Borderline MISS!


One is the colored one, one is a concealer, and on is a highlighter. Concealer is too dark for me , highlighter  and the colored one is nice 🙂

They smell great. HIT!, I’d say.


Eyebrow kit: I love it. Dearly. I m almost finishing the dark one. I bought a medium one, also. Maybe the best ELF thingie. A must-have HIT!

Eyebrow lifter and filler: Its not as precise or great as the kit, but does the job. The concealer/ivory pencil on the one, is a must for under brow. HIT!



day to night beauty on the go pallete (discontinued?) :  I have only the one here. Some of their shadows are good, some not. Medium pigmenation, some chalky. I might use the blush for making my own cream blush. MISS! 

Flawless eyeshadow pallete: Good pigmentation, awyfull brush. HIT!

Compact – customised pallete (2 blushes – 2 eyeshadows): I love the eyeshadows, and the compact case. Good pigmentation, good amount of product. HIT! Blushes are nice as well, but the size doesn’t help to ”get” with your blush brush. MISS!

Duo eyeshadow: I have rarely used them. Didn’t like the color but its a nice product. Probably a MISS!

Cream eyeshadow: Dislike them. Very oily, and hard to get from there. MISS!


Concealer kit: Good pigmentation, ”must” concealer colors, a bit  hard to apply. Could be better. Hardly a HIT !

Blush and bronzer: A must have duo from all. Lovely colors – both. Definately a HIT!

Complexion perfection: I use them all together, to even my face discolorations. HIT!

Eyelash curler: Since I can’t get the SHU UEMURA lash curler in my hands, I won’t change this one. Great and super cheap. Must-have HIT!

Cream eyeliner: Good staying power, bright color. HIT!

Therapeutic conditionic balm: Delicious, really softens the lips but it melts too easy. Overall a HIT!

No photo available: 

(either because I don’t know where they are, or because I know where they are – garbage)

Cream eyeshadow :  I have ”dawn”  one and I love it. Doesn’t oil the eyes, longetivity (killed the word?). HIT!

Eye widener pencil: White is in fact pearl white, and you have to press it strongly. MISS!

Natural radiance blusher: Although a lovely blush, the packaging (the old one, with a slider cover) was awful. MISS for the packaging! I made it a cream blush with vazeline. The new packaging looks cool, though.

Tinted moisturizer and studio tinted moisturizer: Both can’t much my skin tone. Uneven apply to skin. MISS!

clarrifying pressed powder: Maybe my least favorite product ever. Chalky, bad colors, hard to even pick from there. MISS!

Brightening eye colors palette: Nothing compared to the flawless mini palletes. Small, and a bit chalky. MISS!

Eye transformer: usuless. MISS!

What’s your experience with Elf cosmetics? Do you have some favorites and some fails?

Do you liked my HIT and MISS list? Should I continue?

Lots of love


Tag : How much my make-up costs?

(Greek version here)
This is a tag I saw recently, about how much your (daily) make up costs.
The prices are the ones that I bought each product, and I am not including any brushes in the tag:

Garnier BB Cream (light) – 10 €
Revlon Colorstay 110 ~ 12 € 
(I m mixing those two to much my color better)
Radiant illuminator  (ροζ) ~ 14 €  (Radiant -> Greek brand)
Seventeen concealer (07) ~ 8 €  (seventeen -> Greek brand)
Mineral Booster ELF  – 6£ ~ 7.5€

Elf eyelid primer (sheer) – 1.5£ ->1.8 €
Sleek oh-so-special pallete ~ 10€
Diorshow Iconic Mascara ~ 29€
elf eyebrow kit (dark)- 3.75£ -> 4.6€
elf eyelash curler – 1.5£ ->1.8€
silky eye pencil errer due (black and white) ~ 5,5€ each -> 11€ (erre due ->Greek brand)
All over color stick – spot light  (Elf) 1.5£ – 1.8€
Elf lip stain Crimson crush – 2.50£ -> 3.1€
Korres lip balm stick – 3.5 €
Sleek sunrise blush – 5.5€

Blush and Bronzer kit (Elf) 3.75£ -> 4,6€

Total : 128,2€ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its socking! Just for my daily make up I use so much money! I didn’t even include brushes, or my fave Naked 2 palette, just simple, cheap, products 🙂
What about you?
Lots of love



April’s favorites

Hello Beauties.

(Greek version here)

Here I am again, starting with the April’s favorites.

I haven’t done any monthly favorites yet, so I am gonna start now, doing them each month.

Let’s see which those are..

Elf Eyebrow kit – Dark

The infamous – and loved already, kit. There is no single day that I don’t use it, since my eyebrows without it are not presentable. They look like … dizigomatic twins. Yeap, totaly different


Tommy G long wear foundation #1

Its a Greek brand foundation. One of my favorites. It covers, without making me being oily, and fits my color very much. I have a big problem finding the exact shade (and so light foundation), with the correct undertones, so it doesn’t seem that awful on me. It has a BIG minus, which is the pump, but I will probably do a seperate review/swatch about that.(It looks better on my face. Lol)


Dior Show – Iconic / black

I recently rediscover this Mascara, so I though ”Let’s try it”. Its not as good as Stilleto (Maybelline) for my lashes at least, which keeps my lashes curly, but it seperates them very well, and makes them ”stand out”..

Gel eyeliner essence – black

I think everyone knows this eyeliner. Very stable, almost waterproof, and I use a Greek-brand (Toyoko, yeah with Japanese name) brush.. Great.

Garnier essentials wipes.

They do exactly what they have to. Clean and moisturize. I have a dry skin, and I rarely find the perfect wipes. They will either clean, or moisturize. Not both.

Νyx round lipstick – perfect (the name of the shade)

A MLBB nude color, to the brown side. Its suitable for end-of-winter/spring time, especially for people that don’t try ”bright” colors (like me)


Nail polish from seventeen (Greek brand) – 40

I love it ♥

A peachy-to-pinky side  color, which is superfantastic.

You are going to love it. Its MUST for spring and summer. If you want, I will make an NOTD with that. And even if you don’t want. 😛


Last but not least, and tottaly irrelevant…

A pair of earrings I bought..

Aren’t they lovely?

That’s for now!

Bye dolls



E.l.f eyebrow kit ~ Miracle

Hello ladies, here I am again!

As you already know, I decided to open a blogger blog as well. I ve moved all my posts there as well.

But, i also think that it would be good if I can have posts in English in the one, and Greek in the other, or.. well , it depends.

My Greek readers can find this post here.

In my latest Elf Haul, I bought items that weren’t in stock for a very long time. On of them was the eyebrow kit.I got it in dark.

It has a wax-like dark brown cream shadow, a light brown shadow, and a little mirror on the top. You apply the wax first, then the brow-shadow to make it look more 3-D effect.


I m trying to grow my eyebrows, because all of these years, they are getting more and more slimmer, and I want it more ”bushy”.

So, they are kinda ugly , but then.. I found this miracle 🙂

Here is my bare eyebrows. As you can see, some places are more bushy, some not, there are ”bald” spots, and a bad shape. Plus, the inner side, is very thick compared to the outer one. So , I want to try and make it as good as I can.


Then, I apply the wax-cream to the places I want to make ”richer”, and apply a bit of the powder brow-shadow so we have that:



What do you think? Do you think that it makes as much as a difference as it makes according to me?

Have you every tried it? What’s you opinion?

E.l.f Haul and Essence mini Haul

Hello beauties!

How are you?

Here I come with another haul. I -again- bought some Elf goodies online (3rd time since January) and some Essence from Hondos Center.

(I couldn’t stop myself. They re-stocked items after a looooong time!)

(These will be the last for a period of time, since I m currently looking for a job (so I can have an income to.. spend). That’s why I only invested in cheaper but good cosmetics like Elf. Not that I won’t buy them later,too … High price doesn’t not always equal quality, neither the opposite. I m very please with almost all their products.)

So, here is what I got.

Let’s look them one by one, and I will also do some swatches/reviews for some, if you have a request, I would be happy to listen!

This is Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance. Its a wonderful highlighter to use right above your cheekbones

It has shimmer in it, though its not visible in the photo.

This is lengthening & defining mascara in black. Pretty decent mascara for only 1.5 pounds


The following is one of the most popular items from Elf, the eyelid primer in sheer. Finally, found it available!!! YAY


This is an ELF lipstick in shade charming (I also got a Voodoo backup)


Here is the all-over cover stick in Apricot Beige (fair)


Here is the blush and bronzer compact kit

Mineral Booster in Sheer


And here is the eye-brow kit in dark (that I already LOOOOOOVE )


I also bought 2 brushes. The Studio powder brush and the smudge brush. The powder brush was a bit pressed in the package, so the shape is kinda squeezed and not round.


This is what I got from Elf.

Oh, and the eyelash curler

A bit of Essence now…..

A nail polish from marble mania collection. Rassberry swirl

Stay-all-day cream shadow in a bronze color

And last, an eyebrow kit which I bought to use their stencils. Lol

Well, that’s it! What do you think about my haul ? Have you got any of these products? Do you want to buy any of them? What’s your favorite?

Lots of love beauties.


How I fell in love with a lipstick color, ELF – Voodoo

Hello beauties.

Its ELF time again.

I was about to make a review about some ELF products all together, but I hadn’t really tried this lipstick before. Once I did it, I had to post about it seperately.

There was not long ago that I said that I don’t usually try darker lipsticks, because I prefer ”safer” colors. Being pale in my skin, with dark hair, and big lips for my face, a too bright, or too red color for me is very risky.

I can’t really describe how much I loved this color. From the moment I tried it , I … just loved it !  It might just be me, and you might disagree with me, that’s why I ll swatch it and I expect your opinion as well.

Elf says : Spicy Warm Red Creme

I don’t know how exactly to describe it, its like the color of cherries? Wine red? Don’t know, its just looking great 😉




Looks  just okay, isn’t it ? But look it on my lips…



And how it actually looks with my skintone, colors,etc


So, what do you think?

I am delussional or it looks as good as I think it does?

Lots of Love.






E.l.f Blushes = Tickled Pink and Candid Coral

Hello beauties.

Here I am. I decided to make a blush swatch, I am not sure if I made the right decision though.

My camera is not the best, and the shades I chose are very light (I am not very good in applying blush, so I don’t buy darker shades, I am afraid to be a clown, actually).

So I decided to swatch my new – beautiful blushes – of Elf.

Candid Coral, a corl with gold shimmer blush, also known as a good dupe of Nars Orgasm and Tickled Pink, a very very fresh and beautiful pink.

So here they are…

Left is Candid Coral, right is Tickled Pink (beautiful, aren’t they)


I had a really hard time to swatch them in my arm, so this is the best I could do

Candid Coral is the one in the top, and tickled pink the one in the bottom

And now, show time…

I don’t think you have seen my fugly face yet, so here I am . Yes, I am wearing my PJs, yes, with no other make up one, yes, my brows are not fulle plucked (I m trying to make them ticker actually) and yes, with jungle hair. So please be polite.

(Left ones are Tickled Pink,left ones are tickled Pink, or easiest method, when you see my ear ring, then its tickled pink)

Bathroom photos




And here is with sun light, but in my room


Bottomline, I love them. Its what I need. I don’t like very strong colors, I can’t work with them. Also with my skin tone, any strong color will appear so fake, and I prefer natural blushing. And to be honest, the photos doesn’t show how pigmented they really are. Coz they are way more than what you see here

What do you think?

Lots of love beauties.






February Goodies / hauls and presents.

Hello beauties,

Back to base, and hopefully I ll post more often now.

I want to post what I got for presents for my birthday, my Elf Haul and a palette that was in a magazine.


Elf goodies

There was an 30% off, and I didn’t miss the chance to order them. I was going to anyway, using my free shipping code (by Fenzy app) , but that was even better.

The awesome moment when you open the box to get your goodies

And put them all together in front of you

More specifically I ordered the following — white a bit of comments (no reviews or swatches yet)

Eye Widener in White – Its not white, its pearly white. I wanted it to be matte white, but no harm,  its okay

Kabuki Brush – Love it

Blush Brush – Its for a friend, didn’t test it , but I am sure it rocks :p

All Over Color Stick in Pink lemonade – Nice, lovely color and great application

Lipstick in Voodoo – Beautiful color, I love the smell of the lipstick

clarifying pressed powder in Rosy Beige – I am the most dissapointed by that. Darker than it looks. But won’t go wasted, maybe I d use as a contour.

Tinted Moisuriser SPF 20 in Porcelain – Fits my skin nice, like it . (haven’t test it all over my face though)

luscious liquid lipstick in Ruby Slipper – I though I m gonna hate it , coz it has glitter (that is not visible in the site photos), but turned out to look very nice .

And day to night beauty on the go palette. – Beautiful pallete. I prefer the natural colors more.

Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 in Rosy beige – Not my color at all. Way more darker, and.. yellowish! I picked the rosy, to avoid yellow. :S This will go wasted. Can’t use it at all.

Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Precious Pink – Nice.

Studio Blush in Tickle Pink and Candid Coral – Love – love – love them ♥


20 something years ago, at 28th of February, a little girl was born…

This lil girl grow up, had many friends, and some of them that were in her hometown, got her some presents (all of them, shirts).

My lovely Katerina, got my this shirt. Its a lovely shade of green, sporty style, that will be great with sport trousers, or jeans and chucks.

My other lovely friend, and future sister in law (she is my brother’s amazing girlfriend) , Aphrodite , got me this cartoon shirt.

My love of cartoons is not a secret 🙂

Last but not least, my friends Artemis and Dimitra, got me another present, a pink shirt, with grey/pink animal prints as a stamp.

But I went and change the shirt. The shirt was amazing, the color was fantastic, but… I don’t wear extra small. Even though I d like to fit even in Small, I don’t.

My boobs were going to explode in there, and the belly was extra visible. Sorry girls for changing it, but there was no pink or other sizes in other colors of the same shirt available.

So I got this dress (its beige and BLUE in reality) and a pouch instead. I was so sad that couldn’t have the same they got me 😦

Magazine gift – Avon Pallete

My last new thing, was this palette from Avon (I think it was in Vogue gr)

And here is swatched in my arm. Its is supossed to be White – purple – grey and dark purple/greyish.

Needless to say that the dark purple is a fail, and looks like grey. The other are quite nice.

I will be back soon, swatching  – probably – the elf goodies 🙂

Lots of love babies


E.l.f Super glossy lip shine (spf 15) – Malt Shake – Swatch

Hello again!!!!

Here I am , lately posting more often than before and I hope I ll keep it up this way.. 🙂

Not long ago, actually, only a couple of days, I got my first order from Elf.

I decided to swatch some products, and I ll start with the ”Malt Shake” lipgloss.


I will also swatch some face products, don’t worry, I am not hiding my face, its just that I am not that good with make up stuff.


I wasn’t  intending of bying it, since I have lots of similar stuff. But then, I googled ”Top Elf products” and this particular shade and product came up with many personal lists, so , I gave it a try.


When you first see the tube, looks something like  brown or transparent choco-something color.

I was kinda dissapointed on that, but I gave it a try anyway.


Wrong me! The lipgloss, of course, gives what promises, the lipshine. The ”Malt Shake” tone, is a very natural, ”how my lips should be” color. Like very natural.

I don’t have very pigmented lips, so it really gives me a beautiful color!

This is my bare – chapped – lips  /  half applied / fully applied

There is huge difference, yet, the color is natural to the lips.



I think what also makes it so popular is that it compliments every skin tone and lips. Its just give more color to less pigmented lips.

About the product itself, It has a good staying power, nice neutral smell, has SPF 15, easy-to-use tube, but the only negative is that it is sticky, something that I dislike.

But then again, it has some many positives, that the stickiness itself can’t stop me for have it on my bag everyday 🙂

Love it !!!


Many kissez girlz