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New Year’s beauty resolutions!

Ιts almost 2013, and if the end doesn’t come in 4 days (lol) I have to put some goals for the new Year. Some resolutions!

I am a beauty blogger, so I ll share with you some beauty resolutions, then!

-No more shampoos/conditioners/masks/bubble baths/body lotions and hair sprays!

I have to empty the 5 shampoos,3 conditioners, 3 masks,6 bubble baths, 5 hair sprays and over 10 body lotions I own, before buying a new one!

-No more nail polish! I threw around 30 two days ago, because I had to. Some of them were dry, and the rest had ”oil” in it, which means bacteria alert!I

have still around 50, so I must use them, or combine them instead of getting another one!

– Beauty routine! Do not forget to make a face mask twice per week, and to always use a moistorizing cream. And scrubbing!

– Water! Drink water! I rarely drink, cause I already hydrate myself with coffee, tea, etc. But I have to drink water!

-Never ever sleep with my make up on. I rarely do it nowdays, but I should never do it again!

-Do NOT buy useless stuff. Why to buy another black pencil when I have already 10, and they are good ones?

-Give/throw what I don’t use. Maybe a lipstick that its too bright for me, would be perfect for a friend!

-Last, to never buy another lipbalm just because it tastes wonderful! My lips are still chapped because of that!

Well, that’s my new Year’s resolutions!

What about yours? Beauty or not!