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Korres lipstick swatches – soft touch lip pen & guava lipstick.

Hello beauties!

I am so sorry for being absent for that long, but I am (still) out of Athens, I use and older-than-death-PC, plus I was sick for over a week, and didn’t really have the energy to blog.

Before doing any other swatch, I realized that I had 2 Korres lippies that I forgot.

Many times I buy a product, don’t like it atm, and then remember it and use it again.

This time is Korres’ soft touch lip pen in ”dark pink” and Korres’ guava lipstick in nude.




And here they are swatched in my hand

There is no need to say that I prefer the dark pink over the nude. The nude isn’t exactly nude, its more orangy than it should be, so, now I remember why I didn’t really enjoyed it in the first place. Dark pink is a MLBB color, that I love.

(Something I remembered. I recently bought a lipstick from a brand named ”prestige”, and while from the outside looked like pink, was very orangy. The lipstick quality is amazing, but the color is bad, I might swatch it soon. Greek readers, have you ever tried prestige?)

But, out of those two, I prefer the quality of the guava lipstick. Its more moisturizing and glides perfect when applied. While the Soft touch lip pen (apricot line?) is very stable, and has a veeery good staying power, its more ”dry”. Not so on the lips, but in the touch of it.

I wear the pink very often, but the nude, not. Only with a lipgloss.(Its a shame I can’t use it as much as I want)

Have a look of both in my lips, and decide yourselves as well

And here is the guava lipstick in nude

What do you think? Do you like Korres lippies?

Lots of Love beauties.



Nyx swatches : Milan and B52 (Guest star : Minimalism)

So here I am , after some days.

I had to babysit my best-friend’s adorable little daughter, and I couldn’t post my swatches, though I really wanted to.

Today I am gonna swatch the best seller of round lipsticks : B52, and (my favorite) Milan.

I also gonna swatch minimalism as asked to compare it with B52.

Excuse my awful nails, I am gonna manicure them later . Also, I want to tell you that I had a really hard time when doing the photos, because the sun in Athens (and yes, its DECEMBER = Winter) is really very-very strong. We have sun almost 350 days out of the 365.

The problem is that some are taken with stronger sun, some with lighter, so there is really not big difference in the colors!

(L – t – R : Milan, B52, Minimalism)


( L – t – R : Milan (with a little more light than the others ), B52, Minimalism) .

Here are my bare lips, which I forgot to put in my previous swatches. I just wear a colorless lip balm

So this is Milan . I also put a smiley one to eliminate my lips’ wrinkles.


When applying, its really like applying my lips color, just more pigmented.

I love this color. I love this lipstick. Its so natural, its great. Its just my lips but (very) better. Somehow its not as popular as others, but I looooove it .

Here is B52

Okay. I must admit. First time I used it , I have more of a negative opinion. Maybe because I only saw the color in room light, and wasn’t that flattering. Seemed too mauve and brownish. But in daylight, look great. Its a bit more dark than Milan, but still a natural – my lips but better – color, maybe a couple of shades darker.

Minimalism here:


Here are some additional photos of Minimalism. I still love it. Out of the 3, its the one which is on the pinky side.


Here are all three , with non-daylight .

(L – t – R) Milan, B52 and Minimalism.

Not too different? Yeah, kind of . I have that bad habit of buying ”safe” colors…

Personally, I would recommend all of there 3 colors.


Which one you think looks better? Anything to add?


Lots of love