E.l.f Haul and Essence mini Haul

Hello beauties!

How are you?

Here I come with another haul. I -again- bought some Elf goodies online (3rd time since January) and some Essence from Hondos Center.

(I couldn’t stop myself. They re-stocked items after a looooong time!)

(These will be the last for a period of time, since I m currently looking for a job (so I can have an income to.. spend). That’s why I only invested in cheaper but good cosmetics like Elf. Not that I won’t buy them later,too … High price doesn’t not always equal quality, neither the opposite. I m very please with almost all their products.)

So, here is what I got.

Let’s look them one by one, and I will also do some swatches/reviews for some, if you have a request, I would be happy to listen!

This is Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance. Its a wonderful highlighter to use right above your cheekbones

It has shimmer in it, though its not visible in the photo.

This is lengthening & defining mascara in black. Pretty decent mascara for only 1.5 pounds


The following is one of the most popular items from Elf, the eyelid primer in sheer. Finally, found it available!!! YAY


This is an ELF lipstick in shade charming (I also got a Voodoo backup)


Here is the all-over cover stick in Apricot Beige (fair)


Here is the blush and bronzer compact kit

Mineral Booster in Sheer


And here is the eye-brow kit in dark (that I already LOOOOOOVE )


I also bought 2 brushes. The Studio powder brush and the smudge brush. The powder brush was a bit pressed in the package, so the shape is kinda squeezed and not round.


This is what I got from Elf.

Oh, and the eyelash curler

A bit of Essence now…..

A nail polish from marble mania collection. Rassberry swirl

Stay-all-day cream shadow in a bronze color

And last, an eyebrow kit which I bought to use their stencils. Lol

Well, that’s it! What do you think about my haul ? Have you got any of these products? Do you want to buy any of them? What’s your favorite?

Lots of love beauties.


28 thoughts on “E.l.f Haul and Essence mini Haul

  1. Με γεια!! πολυ ωραια πραγματακια χθες μπηκα στο elf να δω μηπως παραγγειλω τιποτα αλλα καπου χαθηκα κ το αφησα τελικα..

    αυτα τα essense ειναι καλα ? το χρωμα του μανο ειναι πολυ ωραιο κ το σετακι για τα φρυδια ψαχνω ενα καλο με stencils μπας κ καταφερω να τα κανω ιδια τα καημενα…


    • Μην το αφήσεις! Τα elfάκια είναι πολύ καλά. Και μόλις ανακάλυψα οτι τελικά είναι και άλλα προιόντα που δεν ανέβασα όπως το mineral booster. Το σετάκι απο την essence δεν λέει κάτι, αλλα έχει ωραία stencils. Απο την άλλη, το σετάκι για τα φρύδια της ELF τα σπάει, το δοκίμασα μόνο δύο φορές, αλλα είναι το καλύτερο που έχω δοκιμάσει. Και πίστεψε με τα φρύδια μου δεν είναι καθόλου το ίδιο, και στο σχήμα, και στο ύψος, και το ένα έχει και πιο σγουρές τρίχες! Χαχαχα
      Το μανό είναι ένα πολύ ωραίο καλοκαιρινό καρπουζοκοραλί (α ρε Μοιραράκι δασκάλα), τέλειο για παραλία, αλλα και για την άνοιξη!
      Η σκιά είναι τέλεια!
      Φιλάκια κουκλίτσα!

  2. Και εγώ θέλω να κάνω νέα παραγγελία γιατί μου άρεσαν οι σκιές της πάρα πολύ! Μία ερώτηση.. Essence online μπορώ να την βρώ κάπου μιας και μένω Κύπρο?

    • Για να είμαι ειλικρινής δεν ξέρω 😦 Εδώ ευτυχώς τις φέρανε στα hondos (πρόσφατα), για αυτό και τις πήρα! Πρωτη φορά είχα πάρει σε ένα ταξίδι μου στην Γερμανία…
      αν μάθω κάτι θα σου πω!

      • Essence είχα όταν ήμουν Ελλάδα, όμως εδώ αρκετές εταιρείες δεν υπάρχουν η αν τις βρεις θα είναι ακριβότερες. :S

        • Tα κλασσικά, πάντα έτσι γίνεται! Μπορείς να κάνεις swap με κάποια κοπέλα.Δηλαδή να σου πάρει αντικείμενα της essence, και να της πάρεις κάτι που δεν υπάρχει Ελλάδα και να τα ανταλλάξετε με ταχυδρομείο!

  3. Ολα τα πηρε καλε, για εμας δεν αφησες τιποτα… χαχαχα με γεια σου και να τα χαρειςςςςςς :)))

  4. Oooo what a great haul! I’d love to see how the brow kit works. The last time I tried a wax/powder kit (Benefit Brow Zings) it didn’t work that well, but it was definitely because I got the wrong shade!

    • Thanks!
      I will soon a post about eyebrow kit!
      I m very happy about it.
      I was only working with brow pencils so far, that were not that good (now the result is way more natural )!!!

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  6. Τέλειο haul! Και εγω την essence την δοκίμασα πρόσφατα που είχα παει στη Γερμανία και γέμισα μισή βαλίτσα με καλλυντικα! Καλη ποιοτητα και πολυ καλες τιμες! Θα μου πεις γιατι τοσα πολλα! :Ρ Δεν ήξερα ότι υπήρχε και στην Ελλάδα και έτσι σκέφτηκα να άρπαξε την ευκαιρία! Ποιος ήξερε ποτε θα ξανά έβρισκα καλλυντικα που να συνδυαζουν καλη ποιοτητα και απίστευτες τιμες! Έλα όμως που τα εχουμε και εδω! Φυσικά δεν μετάνιωσα που τα πήρα! Χαλάλι! Έχω μείνει πολυ ευχαριστημένη! Ελπίζω να έχουν τόσες καλες τιμες της συγκεκριμένης μάρκας και εδω! (πχ. Είχαν μάσκαρα με 2 ευρω και κατι! ) :Ο

    • Xaxa! Εμένα έτσι ήταν η πρώτη μου επαφή με Essence. Είχα πάει Γερμανία, και την είδα! Πήρα λίγα πράγματα γιατί δεν την ήξερα , και τα λάτρεψα!
      Τώρα που είναι Ελλάδα βέβαια, την έχω σκίσει!!!!

  7. Omg!! That looks like one good of a haul!!! I went to their website and OMG started to scream. EVERYTHING is at a decent price!!!! 🙂 I followed you girl 🙂 Talk to you soon ❤

    • 🙂 Thanks for following! Isn’t it amazing? Almost everything is good quality,too (I only didn’t like the pressed powder, but maybe is cause they don’t fit to my skin color). I have loooooooooved their items!!!!!!
      Are you planing to order? ^^

      • Yes I am planning to order, but I never ever want to pay for shipping haha 🙂 I actually looked into their brushes and i’ve read some good reviews!!!!! I actually want it really badly! haha, thats only because I ONLY have 2 brushes to work with, and i see all the other gurus out there with a million different ones… and i’m like what is that for?! Anyways, when I get the chance, I would totally order and stock up for future presents as well right? haha. How about you?

        • Do you live in Europe or in US? Here in Europe, the ELF UK, gives free shipping codes very often. When they hit a milestone, when its vacations, through contests, etc.
          Most of their brushes are great, especially from the studio line. I have the Kabuki brush, a flat powder brush, smudge brushes, and all are great so far. I want to buy more (when I ll find a job)
          I also used to have only two. For blush and eyeshadow, but now , working with more, i see how helpful they are. To apply doundation, concealer, liquid eyeliner, etc.

          You should really order some. Some products are must have.(I can recomend if you want)
          I have already made 3 orders in a row, but I am planning to order some more. I want to stock a couple of more products, and buy some i didn’t.

          But if you live in US, you have many good affordable brands that we don’t have here (buhuhuhuuuuu….)….

          • Hahaha, NEITHER 😦 I live in canada, its pretty annoying, because shipping is quite expensive, but i do find that they have free shipping.. sometimes.. 🙂

            Oh, i’m actually wondering if their highlighting powder is any good? Or their bronzer? I have been wanting to buy some, but I just don’t know any brand that is worth buying.. you know?

            Well, what would you recommend to me? I’ve never purchased anything from elf before, mainly because of shipping and my parents are a bit iffy when it comes to online shopping lol!!

            That is so cool that you live in Europe, weird how people just connect like that right? Where abouts do you live??

          • I have the highlighter compact powder, and its really good. Yeap. Its not very vivid, but good enough for what it is. Bronzer is more pigmented.
            I would definately recommend the eyebrow kit ( I adore it ), the eyelid primer, complexion perfection, bronzer/blush duo, eyelash curler, cream eyeliner and some brushes. These are very very good. Almost everything is value for money, but those mentioned have nothing to be jealous either from high-end.

            I live in Greece, yeah, yeah, the one that you hear with the shitty economy 🙂
            Canada is great,too. You can have brands like Nyx that we can’t have here 😦
            Maybe we can swap in the future (When we both have more money.lol)

    • You have to 🙂 I haven’t tried foundation yet, but the eyeshadows and their nail polishes are great. And the eyeliner, too.
      It has good and affordable thingies, try it ! 🙂

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