April’s favorites

Hello Beauties.

(Greek version here)

Here I am again, starting with the April’s favorites.

I haven’t done any monthly favorites yet, so I am gonna start now, doing them each month.

Let’s see which those are..

Elf Eyebrow kit – Dark

The infamous – and loved already, kit. There is no single day that I don’t use it, since my eyebrows without it are not presentable. They look like … dizigomatic twins. Yeap, totaly different


Tommy G long wear foundation #1

Its a Greek brand foundation. One of my favorites. It covers, without making me being oily, and fits my color very much. I have a big problem finding the exact shade (and so light foundation), with the correct undertones, so it doesn’t seem that awful on me. It has a BIG minus, which is the pump, but I will probably do a seperate review/swatch about that.(It looks better on my face. Lol)


Dior Show – Iconic / black

I recently rediscover this Mascara, so I though ”Let’s try it”. Its not as good as Stilleto (Maybelline) for my lashes at least, which keeps my lashes curly, but it seperates them very well, and makes them ”stand out”..

Gel eyeliner essence – black

I think everyone knows this eyeliner. Very stable, almost waterproof, and I use a Greek-brand (Toyoko, yeah with Japanese name) brush.. Great.

Garnier essentials wipes.

They do exactly what they have to. Clean and moisturize. I have a dry skin, and I rarely find the perfect wipes. They will either clean, or moisturize. Not both.

Νyx round lipstick – perfect (the name of the shade)

A MLBB nude color, to the brown side. Its suitable for end-of-winter/spring time, especially for people that don’t try ”bright” colors (like me)


Nail polish from seventeen (Greek brand) – 40

I love it ♥

A peachy-to-pinky side  color, which is superfantastic.

You are going to love it. Its MUST for spring and summer. If you want, I will make an NOTD with that. And even if you don’t want. 😛


Last but not least, and tottaly irrelevant…

A pair of earrings I bought..

Aren’t they lovely?

That’s for now!

Bye dolls



14 thoughts on “April’s favorites

  1. I find it so fascinating to see brands that are from different countries! You’re the first greek blogger I know! haha, I find it cool! I’ve always wanted to visit Greece, but live far away in Asia.. I’m finally one study exchange now in UK and will get to visit Greece in July!! I’m so excited and would love to know what Greek brand makeup you recommend? ^^

    • Really? We are a lot, but almost no Greek-blogger uses wordpress.
      From which Asian country are you from? (I am jealous, I want to travel to Asia).
      You ll come to July? Really? Where? I now live in Zakynthos (an island), but in winter I live in Athens.
      Lots of brands. Seventeen (the brand of the nail polish) is good. Amazing polishes, very good eyeshadow trios and concealer/make up. For nail polishes, also Tommy G (especially for nails, but their make-up (see above) as well) .
      Korres, you already know it (cheaper in Greece), and Radiant (the proffesional line of Seventeen).
      haha, I can make you a big-old list of Greek reccomentations!

  2. ooh.. it’s the same back home, there are quite a lot of bloggers but not many use wordpress. But I love wordpress! I’m from Singapore, have you heard of it? It’s an extremely tiny dot on the map =) It’s strange how we always feel like other places are more intriguing than our own! Everyone back home wants to go to Greece and Europe! Yes! I’m coming in July, my boyfriend and I have dreamed about Athens for years. Do you already have a post of Greek recommendations? would love to read them!!

    • I also love wordpress its easier to deal with.
      Of course I know Singapore!Remember, its the mid-station for long trips from Greece. Very advanced country, small, and as a friend of mine said, with stunning women ! Hehehe.

      I wish I were in Athens in July, I could give you a tour around. But I can meet you other Greek Beauty bloggers and go shopping together! I don’t have a post related, but I can definately make you a list in a .doc with Greek brand recommendations and also must-see in Athens if you want 🙂 It would be great, since I can’t be in Athens myself!

      • hahha that’s a nice compliment for Singapore, thanks! Oh wow that would be awesome and really helpful! Thank you so much! Any plans to come visit asia in the near future? =))

        • You are very welcome, but mostly my friend who said that (I haven’t been there). Unfortunately, not planning on the near future, since the crisis has affected me, and I only have a seasonal (summer) job, and its hard to save.. 😦 Its a dream to visit Asia though (Japan-S.Korea and Singapore (and probably ) China! i d love too.! I will prepare a list as soon as possible 🙂 Yay 🙂

  3. I haven’t seen those Garnier makeup remover wipes before. I’m using a different kind now and while I like how well it removes makeup, it does tend to make my skin really dry. I’m going to have to try to track down those wipes, if we sell them here.

    • You can find them in feelunique.com but I find them pretty expensive there, I bought them cheaper in Greece.
      I have exactly the same problem with other wipes. They either remove the make up good, or they would moisturize the skin only.

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