Korres lipstick swatches – soft touch lip pen & guava lipstick.

Hello beauties!

I am so sorry for being absent for that long, but I am (still) out of Athens, I use and older-than-death-PC, plus I was sick for over a week, and didn’t really have the energy to blog.

Before doing any other swatch, I realized that I had 2 Korres lippies that I forgot.

Many times I buy a product, don’t like it atm, and then remember it and use it again.

This time is Korres’ soft touch lip pen in ”dark pink” and Korres’ guava lipstick in nude.




And here they are swatched in my hand

There is no need to say that I prefer the dark pink over the nude. The nude isn’t exactly nude, its more orangy than it should be, so, now I remember why I didn’t really enjoyed it in the first place. Dark pink is a MLBB color, that I love.

(Something I remembered. I recently bought a lipstick from a brand named ”prestige”, and while from the outside looked like pink, was very orangy. The lipstick quality is amazing, but the color is bad, I might swatch it soon. Greek readers, have you ever tried prestige?)

But, out of those two, I prefer the quality of the guava lipstick. Its more moisturizing and glides perfect when applied. While the Soft touch lip pen (apricot line?) is very stable, and has a veeery good staying power, its more ”dry”. Not so on the lips, but in the touch of it.

I wear the pink very often, but the nude, not. Only with a lipgloss.(Its a shame I can’t use it as much as I want)

Have a look of both in my lips, and decide yourselves as well

And here is the guava lipstick in nude

What do you think? Do you like Korres lippies?

Lots of Love beauties.



8 thoughts on “Korres lipstick swatches – soft touch lip pen & guava lipstick.

    • Ι will! I m not so good with make up in general, so I kinda afraid to show this, since is nothing to be liked :p
      I will though, so be nice at me, and tell me my wrongs. 🙂

    • Να δοκιμασεις ! Η ποιοτητα τους ειναι παρα πολυ καλη ! Γενικα ειμαι πολυ ευχαριστημενη απο τον κορρε. Νομιζα οτι μονο τα προιονεα περιποιησης ηταν καλα αλλα τα καλυντικα τους ειναι ακομα καλυτερα !

  1. Μου αρέσουν και τα 2 πολύ, τα guava τα χρησιμοποιώ και εγώ… Και το nude από τη photo δε νομίζω ότι πορτοκαλίζει ιδιαίτερα, σου πάει και με έντονο μάτι θα είναι ωραίο!!…διαφορετικά το αναμιγνύεις με κάποιο που θεωρείς πολύ έντονο…τίποτα δεν πάει χαμένο :))

  2. Αυτό θα κάνω, ή θα το αναμοίξω ή θα βάλω κάποιος lipglossaki απο πάνω. Επειδή έχω κίτρινα undertones, το χρώμα αυτού του κραγιόν δεν με κολακεύει καθόλου!


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