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My perfume collection

Hello there!

Ι have been absent again, I don’t make excuses but I have the most perfect and sweet reason not to be on the blog.

Here is it, my best friend gave birth to her second daughter -> my future godchild 🙂

Anyway…Do you love perfumes? I do, so I have some in my collections (I have more actually, but I have left them in my hometown, where the rest of my family lives).

And… I m gonna show it to you 🙂

(No, its not a try to get a panoramic photo)


Pure Poison by Dior and Noa by Cacharel




Sensation by Jil Sander and  Glow by Jlo



Hot by Givenchy and touch of Pink by lacoste



Coco madmoiselle by Chanel and He/il by Armani



One by Ck and One summer by CK



Rush 2 by Gucci and Extreme by Bulgari



Montana Blu by Claude Montana and 212 (the green one) by Carolina Herrera



Brit By Burberry ( I didn’t took a photo, I forgot it ) and Burberry


Summer edition of Isey Miyake and Hypnose Senses by Lancome



And last, a Joop one which I don’t remember and a perfume from the Greek brand of Seventeen. Its not a high-end one, it actually costs only 11€ , but the magnificent is that has the exactly same smell with Gucci rush (1, the red ) and maybe even better.






Do you have any of them above? What is your favorite perfume?

If you want to ask anything about the above, feel free to . Yes, I know 2 of them are unisex and one is for males.


Lots of love