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My litle new stuff

Hello Dolls!

Ηere I am, backkk!

I know I m kinda(??) lost, but I have no time, really.

For the time being, I ll just update you with my new belongings (already made this post in Greek language , here ).

My very very first new belonigng is the first thing I have ever won. Ever. Its a beautiful red dress, from the brand mumuorganics , a very special brand that only uses organic , and friendly to the enviroment fabrics, in very bright colors.

Since I won, I contacted Mrs.Bendila Athina, where I found out that she is the desginer of these beautiful goodies.! κ.Μπεντίλα Αθηνά, που ανακάλυψα οτι είναι και η σχεδιάστρια αυτών των υπέροχων κομματιών!

She is very sweet, polite and ready to help you. Ask whatever you like, about where it ships, costs,sizes and everything. She will help you rigth away.

I won the dress called Marylin (the names of the dresses are names of fame fattales , like Marylin, Audrey, Sophia..etc). My dress is lenghted to the knee, it ties in the back, strapless…

You can see it here in the girl-model of the site, but I won’t put the photos directly here, to avoid any comparison with the clumsy model of myself.


The dress is very sex, fresh and comfy.

And looks every more sexy if another person is wearing it.. Lolz.


Next, is a set of sunscreen and hat, that Loreal sent to me….

I waited to try it first, before saying my opinion. Because I am milky white, and I have to wait a lot to put an oil for tanning, the sunscreen is what I need. And with +30 protection, th ebest!

What I loved the most, no matter how stupid I might sound, is the smell. Due to the huge amount of tourists in my area, I hate the coconut smell that almost all of the sunscreens have.

I haven’t wear the hat yet, though..

Next is a bracelet I won from  ADA Collection Style,
I purple leather bracelet, with gold clasp. Its very very nice.

I like it because I can wear it , just this, or with my watch, or together with other bracelets and its very elegant.


Next thing I won is a giveaway I won from 2 Greek beauty bloggers. Eleni and Anna from  ticklemepink
A beautiful silver pendant. I haven’t wear it yet (and get a photo).Eleni also send me a pallete and a lipgloss because she … ”’ delayed” to sent me the prize. Like if she had to sent it asap. Such a lovely girl. Thank you 🙂

That’s for now, honeys.

I ll be write back with the Sleek’s -oh so special pallete review/swatch, soon..

Lots of love