50 random facts about me!

Hello again!

Sorry I haven’t posted for such a long time, but I had to deal with some personal matters those weeks, and didn’t have time to make a post. Here is just the 50 random things about me – tag, but I promise I will return asap for some reviews and swatches!

1.I am addicted to internet and gadgets.
2.Μy profession is stereotypically manly. The sex rate in my university semester was 3(f)/97(m)
3. I m 174cm tall
4. My eyes were blue-grey until I was 3 years old ! (Now are grey/green hazel)
5. My brother made me princess-like with gum when I was 4.. In my hair (crown), ears (earrings) and necklace. I had to cut my hair manly/short.
6. I was the most anti-social kid in kindergarden. When my parents dropped me there, I just took my pencils and start drawing instead of playing with the rest of the kids.
7. I like football and I am a PAOK fan.
8. Ι never played with dolls until 2 years ago with my best friend’s daughter. I have 3 brothers, and they destroyed every single girly toy I had
9. I never leave house if I don’t have a) a handbag b) my cell c) money
10. I don’t eat bacon, ham, salami, sausages, beans, chickpeas, greens in general and actually, lots of food. I also rarely eat bread with lunch/dinner.
11. I am addicted to coffee and I only drink it black.I can drink up to 6 per day, with no problem
12. I can sleep for more than 14 hours, if noone wakes me, even if I m not tired
13. I have problems concentrating in one thing (can’t even read with music, etc)
14. I have never had a dream job.
15. I hate yellow. I didn’t like it even when I was a little girl. There is no yellow in any of my clothes.
16. I m very clumsy. Moving disaster. My brother calls me Gafatron. Gafa (blunter) / (skele)tron
17. I have a terrible voice. I m the worst singer I know !
18. I have lived in 6 different cities and changed 10 houses so far.
19. I rarely have fever, but when I do, its high.
20. I have been through 2 pneumonias and Salmonela when younger.
21. I can handle pain very well (I didn’t even cry when I saw my chin bone, and had 6 stiches when I was five) but I can’t handle heat/burns.
22. I can’t sleep if there is tiny light or sound.
23. I don’t snore, I don’t sleeptalk, but I m rolling around all the time.
24. I had an IQ test in school and scored 141.
25. I am extremely patient
26. I m good with crafts.
27. I adore kids.
28. I never owned a pet, except a water turtle, once.
29. I never download subtitles for English-language series or movies.
30. I always want to have my nails nicely done, while I don’t always were make up.
31. I want to learn Korean and Spanish.
32. Ι have never wear/tried fake eyelashes.
33. I was woodsculping and made Byzantine iconography some years ago.
34. I am hardcore monogamist.
35. I don’t drive and I am afraid of speed.
36. I have acrophobia 
37. My birthday is 28th of February. I was born in a leap year, so I was lucky/unlucky enough to get out a day earlier.
38. I am right-handed and I can’t do anything other than open bottles and play cards with my left hand.
39. I hate when I hear the clock sound, hear someone’s loud chewing and seeing girls with high heels that can’t walk with them.
40. If I could change something on me would be my teeth.
41. I m very interested in Anthropology
42. I love pickles.
43. I dislike Christmas, and every kind of festive celebrations.
44. I broke a truck’s backlight. With my head. Crashed while riding my bike when I was 7.
45. I am loner but at the same time I’m an outgoing person.
46. I grew up next to the sea, yet, I love mountains.
47. In every single house I live, there was always a church very close ! (coincidence!)
48. I dislike vanilla and I love chocolate.
49. I am a bookworm. I have even downloaded some epub e-books and read through Aldico app, in my phone.
50. I love bags. More than love, I guess, I m obsessed 🙂

Do you share some common things with me from the above lists?Would like to see your own random facts, don’t hesitate to link me your posts in the comments 🙂

That’s it, for now 🙂

Lots of kisses 🙂

4 thoughts on “50 random facts about me!

  1. πολύ ωραίο το blog σου..σε ακολουθώ..αν θες ρίξε μια ματιά στο δικό μου!!

  2. Χαχαχα,γελασα πολυ,παντα αναρωτιομουν πως ειναι να εχεις αγορια αδερφους,εγω εχω μια μικροτερη αδερφουλα την οποια υποχρεωνα να περπατα στα 4 και να τη τραβαω απο το λαιμο με λουρια(απο τσαντες της μαμας μου)-Μαλλον επειδη οι δικοι μου δε ΔΕ ΜΟΥ ΕΠΑΙΡΝΑΝ ΠΟΤΕ ΤΟ ΣΚΥΛΟ που ηθελα!
    Με το καφε και τον υπνο ειμαστε ακριβως το ιδιο-τον πινω αντι για νερο-εσπρεσσο ζεστο,κρυο,λουγκο,στρετο,,Ο,ΤΙ ΝΑ ΝΑΙΙΙ,αρκει να εχω,και μπορω και εγω να κοιμαμαι,ειδικα αν υπαρχει ησυχια και σκοταδι non-stop!
    Πολλυ ωραιο post,απολαυστικοτατο!
    ΥΓ Εμενα μου αρεσει το κιτρινο χρωμματακι,χαχαχαχα!

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