Ηits and misses, swatches and reviews : MUA

Hello again girls!
A couple of weeks ago, MUA had an amazing offer, which I talked you about already in that post.
Now its time to talk about MUA’s hits and misses, or simply make a quick review on each product
Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Cover and concealer wand: Its nice. Not the best concealer you have every tried but very good for its price. Medium coverage and good staying power.
Concealer stick: Kinda hard. Not as good as the wand, or as seventeen’s stick, but not nearly as bad as the Jordana concealer. Just okay.
(wand) fair -> natural -> (stick) natural -> Almond
Eyebrow pencil and lip pencil : Both of them are super pigmented and very soft. While that’s a positive thing about the lip pencil, you have to be careful with the brow one, or maybe if you got the dark one. I have use it a couple of times and has good staying power. Too bad there were limited shades. For both.
Cream blusher: I don’t  have many cream blushers, just this and a nyx one. I like the fact that is NOT very pigmented, because it would be hard for me to work with it. The color is amazing 🙂
Single eyeshadows: I have already the undressed pallete (you are going to loooooooove it) and the Pretty pastel’s one (review here), and none of the rest was in my to-buy list, so I though I’d give a chance to single eyeshadows. For 1 pound per each, (0.5 with the -50%) , what can go wrong? I got 1,,12,16,17 and 19 but 3 of them are too light to swatch. and 19 (if I’m not mistaken) the matte brown is lovely, and can  also  be used in dark eyebrows (Like mine)! They are all amazing!!!!!!!!!! Lot’s of product, great pigmentation, smooth, good staying power.
(eyebrow pencil-> lip pencil : brooding plum-> cream blush: yummy-> eyeshadow #17)
But I looooooooove shade  no #12.
I don’t use brush for this one, because, unlike the rest of eyeshadows (in general) it doesn’t give much color that way. It’s like a creamy one. Its a gorgeous warm chocolate brown with green shimmers. It litterally compliments every eye color.The more you apply though, the more the green appears.
 Pressed Powder : I was impressed. I didn’t believe it would be that good. Not only I (finally) found a powder that fit my color, but its so cheap? Gives a wonderfull matte finish. I m almost sure I will (finally!) hit the pan with that one.
Bronzer : I chose the darker shade, which is still light enough. Its perfect for contouring for fair/medium skintones. It has became my favorite
Lipsticks : I bought shades 1,2,10 and 11. I knew beforehand that they didn’t have a super staying power and didn’t mind.For that, I was okay, since, come on, for 1 pound, this is too much already to get.They are very pigmented though. #1 is a gorgeous red  with blue undertones, #2 is a rosy purply pink. #10 is a pinkish nude,more in the brown side (with a tad shimmer) , and #11 is a nude, to the pink side. I suggest you look for more swatches in internet, because from light to light, you’ll see different results. 

 ( 10 -> 2 -> 1 -> 11 )
BB foundation: I love the fact that matches my skintone. It’s not heavy on the skin, and it has a nice coverage. I’d love it more  if I could apply it a bit easier, but overall is a very worthy product.
  ( light rose . Blended on my right half arm)
Matte primer: Just wow!!!!!!!!  It gives a smooth finish to your skin, and help it stay oily-free, and makes sure your foundation stays in place. Really-really happy I got it, and defenately re-stock 🙂
Brow kit: I m not sure if I like this product , not as a result, but as an overall idea. I like the tiny tweezers, and the wax/shadows work well. But I think its too big for nothing. It would be better to have 3-4 shades for fair/auburn/brunnete and dark hair. Now, for every girl, 2 out of 3 shades will be uselless.
Eyeliner : I m very happy to discover cheap and good eyeliners. After Essence’s amazing one, now this one. I want it in more colors though. Brown-black or brown would be perfect 🙂
Plumping gloss: Nice as a lipgloss, nothing for plumping. (buff)
Lip boom: I didn’t intent to buy it, because I don’t really like 1) double ended products 2) Sparkly lipglosses.But turned out a great product. First, the shade ”It’s a situation” is amazing . A lovely burgundy that makes teeth look whiter. Second, its very matte when weared alone, so that’s something I also love and third, the lipgloss (which smells great) doesn’t look as bad as I though, in fact, it gives a very beautiful result, and great to wear ”statement lips”

Intense lip gloss: A nice – pigmented lipgloss. Not stick, and cute packaging. (sealed with a kiss)
 (sealed with a kiss -> Buff -> lip boom lipstick -> lip b. gloss -> combined)
Overall, I m very-very pleased with MUA. It’s very cheap, and some products are not only quality for money worthy, but way better. I have to try their nail stuff and brushes, too.

Have you got any of the above? What’s your opinion on MUA and those products? 

8 thoughts on “Ηits and misses, swatches and reviews : MUA

  1. I have a lot of these and really enjoy most of them. Just so you know, I believe the lightest shade in the brow kit is means to be more of a brow bone colour for adding contouring (It needs to be added with quite a soft brush if you give it a go)

    I'm really happy with the concealer wand, I enjoy the lip glosses and don't wear my lip booms as often as I should (Love the shade you have! May need to try that one)

    I have one of the bb creams from before they widened the colour range so would like to try one of the new tones.

    I really recommend their nail products and brushes, I think you'll enjoy them if you give them a go 🙂 (And don't forget the undress me too palette, perfect complement to the original undressed)

  2. Thank you very very much for your comment! I never though about this use for the lightest shade for the eyebrow kit! I m going to try it out 🙂

    Yeap, the concealer wand its pretty good for under eye area and medium spots it does the job great. Lip glosses are fairly good. They are not sticky and the intense one is very pigmented, I m thinking of trying a darker shade. The Lip Boom “it's a situation” is amazing. This color is very beautiful 🙂

    I don't think any of the single colors of BB cream would fit me (light-medium-dark). This is exactly what fits me 🙂 Try the new tones, yeap 🙂

    Really, are they good? I m very strange when it comes to nail polishes. Some ''good ones'' don't work for me (opi) while some other, cheaper do wonders ! (ELF).
    Brushes weren't available so next time, surely!

    I have the original naked 2, so I don't know if I'll ever buy the undress me too.

  3. Ευχαριστουμε πολυ χρησιμο post
    Δε ξερω αν θα παραγγειλω ποτε απο MUA αλλα τουλαχιστον θα εχω ως οδηγο το παραπανω κειμενο!
    Τα κραγιον φαινονται ωραια,ειναι τα χρωμματα που μου αρεσουν αλλωστε,
    Τα Intense lip Glosses πραγματικα ειναι ομορφα και αυτα και η συσκευασια το ιδιο!
    Ενδιαφερον επισης αυτο με το primer!
    Μμμμ,και η σκια,αχ δεν αντεχω αλλο ειναι ολα για τη τιμη τους απλα υπεροχα!
    Παρατα μας κοπελια,συγνωμη και για την εκφραση αλλα με ξεσηκωσες…..Ανεβαινω για να τα ξαναπαρατηρησω!χαχαχαχχα.

  4. Παρακαλούμε !! 🙂
    Τα κραγιόν είναι πολύ καλά, ειδικά για την τιμή τους. Μην περιμένεις οτι θα τα βάλεις το πρωι και θα μείνουν μέχρι το βράδυ, αλλα είναι καλύτερα απο άλλα ακριβότερα κραγιόν, σίγουρα!
    Τα lipgloss επίσης πολύ ωραία, και είναι πολύ έντονη η απόδοση χρώματος, και δεν κολλανε! Σημαντικό !!! χχχ
    Το primer κάνει οτι κάνει και της radiant, με 10 ευρώ λιγότερα!
    Για την σκια, άστο. Με την συγκεκριμένη έχω κολλήσει. Κάνω ελαφρύ smokey, και δείχνει απλώς υπέροχη !!

    Δεν το είχα σκοπό.. πολύ!! χχχχ

  5. Με γεια,φαίνονται πολύ καλά!Δεν έχω παραγγείλει ποτέ από MUA,μπήκα στον πειρασμό όταν έβαλαν την προσφορά αλλά το site τα'χε παίξει και δεν είχα την υπομονή να περιμένω πότε θα διορθωθεί το πρόβλημα..Το ψήνω για τη ΒΒ και τα κραγιόν!Πολύ χρήσιμο post! 😀

  6. Eυχαριστώ πολύ!
    Ηταν πολύ ταλαιπωρία το όλο θέμα, αλλα περίμενα μέχρι την δεύτερη μέρα, και έτσι πήγαν όλα καλα. Σε μια βδομάδα και 1 μέρα (απο την παραγγελία) είχα τα πράγματα σπίτι μου!
    Ναι, και η ΒΒ , και τα κραγιόν (αλλα και οι μονές σκιές και το primer) αξίζουν ΣΙΓΟΥΡΑ! Σαν πρώτη αγορά δηλαδή!

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