Sleek blushes Pomegranate and Sunrise – Swatch

Ηello Beauties!

*Greek version here*

Ι had so many ideas (actually written down) about what post to make, but in the end, I don’t make any post at all. I think my time won’t be enough, and I m like ”Okay, I ll do it tommorow”

This is my first contact with Sleek products, but surely not the last. Some days ago, I ordered the ”Oh-so-special” eyeshadow pallete from, and I am looking forward to have it, and swatch it of course.

So days ago, Irish beauty blogger  Julie , had a blog sale, and was selling , among others, 2 Sleek blushes. One was never used, the other just swatched, price was great so I bought them, and got them very soon 🙂

But this particular swatch got on my nerves, honestly. I might do something wrong, but I can’t get correct photos. I put too much of blush in my cheeks, so much that its impossible to get out of house like this, and in photos its like not wearing. Same happened with my ELF  swatches some time ago, and that time too, I wore lots of blush, enough to look like a clown

Anyway, I did my best. Sleek blushes have a great pigmentation, and if you are more talented in makeup like me, you are going to love it.

Pomegrante is a mauve-ish one with shimmer, and a sunrise is a bronzer-type with shimmer, although when swatched, the pomegranate has a more orango-redish tone.



Here is a double swatch, one with one wipe, and the other with two.


(Top : sunrise , bottom : Pomegranate)                                                   (Left : sunrise – Right : Pomegranate)

Overall, I think that they are amazing blushes.

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