My perfume collection

Hello there!

Ι have been absent again, I don’t make excuses but I have the most perfect and sweet reason not to be on the blog.

Here is it, my best friend gave birth to her second daughter -> my future godchild 🙂

Anyway…Do you love perfumes? I do, so I have some in my collections (I have more actually, but I have left them in my hometown, where the rest of my family lives).

And… I m gonna show it to you 🙂

(No, its not a try to get a panoramic photo)

Pure Poison by Dior and Noa by Cacharel

Sensation by Jil Sander and  Glow by Jlo

Hot by Givenchy and touch of Pink by lacoste

Coco madmoiselle by Chanel and He/il by Armani

One by Ck and One summer by CK

Rush 2 by Gucci and Extreme by Bulgari

Montana Blu by Claude Montana and 212 (the green one) by Carolina Herrera

Brit By Burberry ( I didn’t took a photo, I forgot it ) and Burberry

Summer edition of Isey Miyake and Hypnose Senses by Lancome

And last, a Joop one which I don’t remember and a perfume from the Greek brand of Seventeen. Its not a high-end one, it actually costs only 11€ , but the magnificent is that has the exactly same smell with Gucci rush (1, the red ) and maybe even better.


Do you have any of them above? What is your favorite perfume?

If you want to ask anything about the above, feel free to . Yes, I know 2 of them are unisex and one is for males.

Lots of love


15 thoughts on “My perfume collection

  1. 🙂 oh dear! too many!!!! but if u like all of them!:)
    I am faithful to 2 pieces,one is for winter and one for summer. but of course I have more than @ because I always test… but with too many on my head,my nose would go crazy!

    Happy Valentine!

  2. 🙂 well I am- for more than 12 years- using ''Very Valentino'' from Valentino -but they stopped production to it about 4-5 years when I found out I bought all I could find. I'm still on reserves!!!:) but I can still find it on some internet sites from stocks!
    the summer one is a Ralph Lauren- a blue bottle, just called Ralph, I use it for 10 years now.

  3. Τοο bad 😦 I hate it when they stop the best ones.
    The ''Hot by Givenchy'' above, is my all time favorite, but they also stopped production.
    Oh, I had the Ralph but Ralph Lauren. Very fresh perfume, indeed.

    You use them for many years. Actually its better to have a signature perfume to be remembered from. Its just that I can't help it not bying a lot..

  4. That's a nice collection! I don't have that many perfumes. The only one we have in common is Pure Poison by Dior. I'm working on collection posts too! 🙂 Congratulations to your friend on the birth of her daughter and your future godchild.

  5. Cool! Pure Poison is a very ''feminime'' perfume. Personally I wear it both summer and winter.

    Oh, yeah! Post your collections! Not your nail polish one, cause we will all get super jealous! Hahah. Nope, kidding, post them!!! 🙂

  6. πραγματικά υπεροχη συλλογη…. !!!!!!!!!!!! θα ήθελα να τα εχω ολα !!!!!!! χαχαχα αλλα το chanel no5 δεν το αλλάζω με κανενα!!!!!! πρεπει να το δοκιμάσεις!

  7. Το έχω βασικά, απλώς το έχω αφήσει στο ''χωριό'' μου.
    Είναι υπερβολικά βαρύ , και το φοράω/φορούσα μόνο βράδυ…Οπως και το coco της Chanel που ή το φοράω μόνο βράδυ ή βάζω μόνο ένα ''ψιτ''


  8. What a perfect collection! If I'll ever visit you I'll spend an hour smelling them, ok? lol!! 2 of my best friends have Noa and Pure Poison as their signature fragrance. I don't have a signature fragrance, I can't choose just one! From the ones you have I used to have Burberry Brit and loved it!

  9. Hehe, thanks honey.
    Oh, yeah sure. But don't test them all together. Once a friend did that, and I was about to throw up.
    Noa smells amazing, but doesn't last. I mean, I can't smell it after one hour. Pure poison is classic 🙂
    And I love Brit,too. In face, I was wearing yesterday 🙂

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