Random nail art!

Hello all!

I just returned back to Athens, so I will start the swatches/posts asap.

Since I haven’t post something the last days, I will just post some nail art I did in the past, that happened to capture with my mobile.

Sorry for the crappy quality, its that my mobiles have only 2mPx camera quality …



And some Toe Nail art


Do you like any?

See you soon



18 thoughts on “Random nail art!

  1. Lovely! I especially adore the zebra french tip with the red strip underneath and the daisy on your big toe! Super cute!

    And I'm jealous of your nails! No matter how much I take care of mine, my nails are always breaking and my cuticles are always crazy looking! *sigh*


  2. I love them all! I wish I was that talented when it comes to nail art. I can barely paint my nails normally, let alone attempt to do any fun designs. How did you get so good? Any tips?

  3. Oh! thank you! Both are very easy to make actually 🙂
    No, My nails aren't that strong.. It took me months of Keratin base, almost every 2 days, to grow hard.
    I have the same problem with cuticles from time to time.

  4. Well, I have kind of obsession when it comes to nails. I might put no make up, or having messy hair, but I rarely have unpolished or bad looking nails.
    I don't have any tip, just finding tutorials on internet, and follow them.
    All of them, except the toe (left) is very easy to do . If you want, I can make a tutorial about em.

  5. Oh thanks! I like doing my nails a lot. Actually, I am way more good in doing nails than putting make-up! The one you liked, its actually very easy. Maybe I ll make a tutorial for this,too 🙂

  6. Its not that hard, actually. Just to follow the right steps. But each one is better on something, right?
    I can't put correctly makeup for example.I can't even make smokey eyes, coz, I just… can't!
    I will make tutorials for some of those, so if you are interested, just keep an eye!


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