January Haul… almost!

Hello All!

Here are the last things I got…. Not exactly bought all of them, since 3 were presents…

3 Nyx Jumbo eye pencils, 1 eye primer from essence,  a clinique lipstick and a powder?(?) , 2 Nyx round lipsticks, 1 Nyx black label lipstick, a clarins lipstick and a Nyx cream blush…

More specifically…

Clinique whatever powder, at Peony. To be honest I m not sure if its a blush or a eyeshadow or both. I use it as eyeshadow,and it’s cute. Its was a gift in a Greek magazine, together with the lipstick.

Nyx’s cream blush in Golden .I  just tried a bit with a brush, that’s why the surface looks so mewahhhhh….

An eye-primer from essence… So cheap and cute … (haven’t tried it,yet)


Nyx round lipsticks in Iconic and Decadent.

Iconic is very similar to Minimalism and it’s a beautiful shade (I m gonna swatch soon). Decadent is my dissapointment. I wanted to order a dark cherry red, but turned out to be….very dark :S

Nyx Black Label in Bling. A very nicely MLBB color 🙂 Love it already ! (Gonna swatch it soon as well)

Clinique’s lipstick in Rosette. This was a full sized lipstick, the other gift from the magazine. The color is very nice BUT… have some gold shimmer in it. In the photo, is not very obvious but in reality it is. And doesn’t look good to my lips…

This is Clarins Jolie Rouge. Its not a full size one ( I guess), I was given that by a friend. Its a gorgeous bright red… which I haven’t tried.. And I am afraid to…

These are the infamous Nyx Jumbo eye pencils in (L-t-R) Yogurt, French Fries and Milk.

What do you think about these? Do you have any?

Sorry, this post might be boring , but I can’t do swatches atm. The weather is bad, so the lighting is unfair to the photos. Plus, I got a new camera and I haven’t learn to use it well yet.

Lots of love




10 thoughts on “January Haul… almost!

  1. Excellent haul. I love the look the NYX lipsticks and your clinque powder looks cool. I think it is a blush but who says you couldn't use it as a eye shadow?…I've used lip stick as eye shadow before so why not. 🙂
    Have fun with your haul it all looks amazing
    <3 MaSucree

  2. Thanx!!! The nyx powder of whatever, is really nice. I also thought is a blush but says ''allover color'' , so I am not sure . I wear it as an eyeshadow since its too light for blush! But… I never wore a lipstick as an eyeshadow. does it works? Isnt' it sticky?
    I ll swatch some of them,too soon!
    Thanx again!

  3. Oooo somebody's got a nice haul going on here! Can't wait to see your swatches! I have tried jumbo pencils but unfortunately they don't work on me. They just crease horribly within 5 minutes. I guess I'm the minority though, because most people seem to enjoy them!

  4. Υeah yeah! I got 🙂 heheheh.
    I will swatch the lipsticks and the jumbo pencils for sure. I wore French Fries and Yogurt, yogurt seems to dissapear quite easy, but french fries not…

    Yeah, people seem to be crazy over them. I don't know how they will work on me, since I have dry skin, so maybe, they will stay longer 🙂

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