Magnetic Nail Polish : Imagnet by Tommy G

Hello there!
Long time no post, and long time no nail post so it’s about time…
Before swatching it, a small welcome/thank you note to my new – Greek followers

” Καλως ήρθατε στο blog μου ! Χαίρομαι πολύ που βρήκα πολλές Ελληνίδες  bloggers, που μοιράζονται την ίδια τρέλα με μένα…Να’ναι καλά το Greek Beauty Bloggers :)..

Προς το παρόν γράφω μόνο στα αγγλικά, έαν κάποια θέλει να γράφω και ελληνικά, θα το τολμήσω…

Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ και πάλι…”

And now I introduce you .. the magnetic nail polish

Imagnet art, by Tommy G.

….A little info about Tommy G.

Again, Tommy G is a Greek brand producted within EU. It’s part of a bigger company that produces some more cosmetics . You can find their English website here.

I like their nail polishes a lot, and I love  the Keratin base coat, which made my nails hard as rock 🙂  (their sub-brand layla has also very nice nail polishes that last a lot to my nails)

Now, the Imagnet …

(Right-Click + View image  to see them full-size)

I have purchase the nail polish in 2 colors (so far). Silver/grey and burgundy/pink. How the nail is going to look is that the cap , and its pretty accurate, I must say…


The secret lies not only in the ingridients of the nail polish (I guess), but also at the magnet in the top of the cap. The shape you are going to have is depended on how you ll hold the cap…

Enough with the theory now… Let’s see it in action….

For start, I applied ”Nail envy” from OPI as a base coat to my ugly looking nails…


I put one layer (you can add more if you want) of the magnetic nail laquer and immidiately (before it starts drying), I put the magnet as shown in the picture. The direction that the ”line” of the magnet has, determines the pattern…

As you can see, before having the magnet THAT close to the nail, is simply a nail polish. A metallic nail polish (of course you can wear it just like that, but I find it pointless to use this polish for the wrong reasons..anyway…)

Here are the  angles I tried to some of my nails…

You can do more ”complicated” nail art, by painting your nail in steps, like I did.. (Clumsily, I must admit)

I decided to make to make the simple sided pattern, so here is the final look :

I think they look very nice (the final look, not my awfully looking hands with the tones of cuticles there). Its a very unique result, with no effort, that costs around 7€.

What do you think?

See you soon.

Lots of Love


27 thoughts on “Magnetic Nail Polish : Imagnet by Tommy G

  1. Ευχαριστώ πολύ !!! Ηταν το πιο εύκολο και ταυτόχρονα όμορφο. Αν και νομίζω σε λίγο πιο κοντά θα έδειχνε καλύτερο αλλα τέλος πάντων!

    • Its very easy ! You just hold the magnet for 5-10 seconds after you apply nail polish, and its ready 🙂 all you need is to do the same directions (if you want ) with the other, so they look the same!! Thanxxxxxx

    • Μe,too. There are many that someone can do, but I didn’t try. I just choose the easiest and ”safer”.
      No, I havent. They are not available in Greece ( i guess only online). are they different in their results?

  2. I think they are all mostly the same. I only have one. It’s purple and the magnet makes only one design like waves. They are very pretty but the magnet is so strong that sometimes it messes up the design if you hold it on there too long.

    • Oh, the magnet has a shape already? I see.
      Tommy G’s has a line , so you can play with the line and creat more shapes. Not that i wouldn’t like it if it was only made one shape, but anyway…

    • I think it will be soon.
      I remember when the crack nail polish was first launched by OPI, I said the same. So I did order it from e-bay. In a month , or less, it was everywhere in Greek market (by other brands).
      But, if not, I m thinking of including one of the colors in a giveaway 🙂

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