7 thoughts on “I need recommendations for nude eyeshadows…

  1. Hey!

    I love both Brule and Phloof! from MAC for this. Brule is a nice vanilla matte shade (maybe only a shade lighter than my skin tone) which is lovely for an all over base and it also works nice as a subtle highlight. Phloof! I use when I want my highlight to have some shimmer and a real pop to it, but I never use it as a base. If you want a shimmery colour that is more of a nude rather than a highlight, I would recommend All That Glitters by MAC or Naked Lunch. They are both very versatile shades.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Wet’n’Wild makes a drugstore version of MAC Brule that is, conveniently, called Brulee. I think the MAC shadow is a satin shade that’s a teeny bit lighter, while the Wet’n’Wild one is completely matte.

    • Wow, thanks,too! I was actually thinking of one matte one shimmery, and I was looking around! I googled it, and its the perfect color for creamy-matte nude color!!! Thanks a lot!

  3. I use Bobbi Brown Bone for that. It is a matte white shade that looks a bit shocking in pan, but on lids it makes the most natural non-sparkling highlight! If you go to my blog you can see my review and some FOTDs that I did with it. Hope it helps!

    • I googled it a bit, and I was kinda shocked. Its very pigmented and very white looking. But then I also looked some reviews and your FOTSs, and it really is highlighting naturaly and nice. Next step, is to find in Greek or European stores.
      Thank you :):):)

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