Nyx Mega Shine LipGloss swatch : Tea Rose

Hello there!   Have you all been well?    How is your Christmas vacations?

It was about time to post a new swatch so its now time for lipgloss swatches….

No, I am not over with my round lipstick swatches, it’s just that I wanted to do a Mega Shine (love!♥) swatch as well….

So here we come with Tea Rose

Mega Shine tubes come in quite big tube , with a cute bow on the top of the cap (♥ I find it so lovely ♥)

It has a cherry-cola smell, which I personally love. Some others might hate, but I absolutely adore fruity scents, especially this one…The applicator is quite usefull for me as well.

Tea Rose is (obviously) a pink color, something like a darker bubblegum pink.

Here is with  Tea Rose(right) and Apricot(left)(from round lipglosses #Nyx )swatched on my hairy arm.

I din’t put that much of quantity to my lips though, so here it is…

(bare lips first)

It gives a very nice rosey color. It IS pigmented, its just me that I didn’t apply as much as I did in my arm. Its perfect for every day/every season and I think its a color that compliments every skin tone and lips.

Mega Shine Lip Glosses:

+ Many shades to choose

+ Amazing cherry-cola smell

+ NON-sticky (which something I love)

+ Pigmented

+Cute packaging

+ decent staying power

+ Value for money

– As every Nyx product, not available to Greece, only online ordering

-Well…no other cons for Mega Shine 🙂

What do you think of Mega Shine Lipglosses from Nyx? What’s your favorite color?Do you liked it on me?

Thank you for reading



7 thoughts on “Nyx Mega Shine LipGloss swatch : Tea Rose

  1. I just recently started to purchase NYX products, well only lip products, but I'm happy so far. 😛 I only have “Natural” and “Beige” in this form and I love them! 🙂 Perfect everyday colors! I have “Tea Rose” in lipstick form and love it as well. Very pigmented.

    Have you tried any of their eyeshadows?

  2. Yes, they are perfect!!! What I love most is that they are non-sticky. I hate it when hair stick to my lips :S
    I also have Tea rose in Lipstick (I ll swatch it soon).
    I haven't try their eyeshadows , yet. But I am looking for swatches in photos, to buy some. I prefer nudish colors coz I can't make up my eyes very well.
    The only eye product I have is the Jumbo Eye pencil which is great.
    Have you tried Black label lipsticks?

  3. Same here! Because I have large lips, I don't usually wear non-safe colors. I was hesitant to buy apricot at first, but now I don't regret it. I will post Apricot's swatch very soon – if you are interested.. The round lipsticks are not as good as Mega Shine (they don't last that long), but have very nice colors…

    Thanks for visiting 🙂

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