Welcome to my World… Princesa’s world of beauty

Hello All,

This is V. calling.. I am from Greece, I am 27, and … here I am …

This is my first beauty blog.To be honest, I always wanted to make a youtube channel to swatch beauty products but I am not an English native speaker, and I am not even fluent in English (and of course my very Greek accent doesn’t really help anyway )
So, I decided to start with a blog. Not that I am not going to make spelling or grammar mistakes, but  this will be easier for me, and I wish, less irritating for you….

Very soon, I will start posting nail polish and cosmetic swatches…

So welcome to my blog
Lots of Love



4 thoughts on “Welcome to my World… Princesa’s world of beauty

  1. hi V! thanks for dropping by my blog. ❤
    I absolutely adore Greece! especially Olympia. I'd love to visit that place again, if only to shop for more silver jewelry. :))

  2. Congratulations on starting your blog!! I only just started my blog too! I also really want to start a youtube channel, I just don’t have a very good camera =( anyway, good luck, I’m sure you will do really well!

    • Thank you very much!!!
      Congratulations on yours,too.
      You just started it ? Its amazing! The articles are very informative, and so interesting. Its very professional written,too.
      If you ever start a youtube channel , please inform me. 🙂
      For now, I will follow you and read everything.

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